Hybrid bikes

Hybrid motorcycle model

All hybrid engines offer us to enjoy both parts of each type of engine. On the one hand, we have the power and autonomy that fossil fuels give us and, on the other hand, the sustainability of renewable energies. Just as we have talked about electric cars and hybrid cars, today we have to talk about hybrid motorcycles.

If you want to know what the hybrid bikes as their characteristics and what advantages and disadvantages they have, in this post zero explained all in great detail.

What are hybrid motorcycles

Hybrid motorcycle models

As with the rest of the vehicles of this modern technology, hybrid motorcycles have several engines that they combine the combustion of gasoline or diesel with electricity. We can choose the combination we want depending on the dispensers or recharging points available. In this way, we can choose the way we will travel and what fuel we will be using.

The most common is to use the electric motor for transport and cities and use fossil fuels for intercity travel. Trips in which you have to increase speed and circulate on the highway or highway are more efficient to use gasoline or diesel fuels. On the other hand, in cities, you need less powerless speed, it is more interesting to use the electric motor. In addition, we will be polluting the urban space less.

Differences with other types of motorcycles

Disadvantage over electric motorcycles

Hybrid motorcycles have greater power and autonomy than electric motorcycles. The fear of the advancement of new technologies can be an impediment in their development. The difference is that it is easier to find pumps and refuel during the journey if you use a hybrid motorcycle.

Not everything can be advantages. Electric motorcycles are cleaner and more sustainable with the environment than those that use hybrid motors. However, these are even cleaner than those that only use a fossil fuel-based engine. We are not only talking about the polluting emissions into the atmosphere but also the noise they produce during their journey.

The current trend is to develop new projects whose vehicles are based on 100% renewable and ecological energy, so that hybrid engines will gradually take a back seat.

Advantages of hybrid motorcycles

Advantage of hybrid bikes

Why we should purchase a hybrid mode rather than one that is based 100% on electrical energy it is for its price. Electric models have too high costs considering the benefits they offer. It is not necessary to give figures to know that a motorcycle whose autonomy is lower is worth much more expensive than one that increases its autonomy thanks to the use of fossil fuels.

It has greater autonomy, better sensations and a much cheaper price than electric ones. Although they have an expiration date, they are an excellent option to get the population used to this energy transition. If we gradually get used to using electric refueling to circulate within cities, when the time comes to use a fully electric vehicle we will have it as a habit.

We continue to analyze the following points:

  • They suppose a saving of time when traveling. People who decide to buy this type of vehicle not only save time in numerous day-to-day traffic jams but also avoid a good part of the media, stress and anguish that many car drivers suffer.
  • It also represents an economic saving. When they use the part of the fossil fuel they do not suppose so much, but this tendency is triggered when the electric motor is used.
  • It has a possibility to refuel both gasoline and electricity. By having the two types of engines, it gives a very important advantage when it comes to refueling. It is important that the electric recharging points are strengthened at European level so that these motorcycles can have a better social acceptance.

Main disadvantages

disadvantages of the hybrid motorcycle

Not everything in this type of vehicle can be advantageous. Let's analyze some of the main disadvantages of hybrid motorcycles:

  • They are quieter than gasoline motorcycles. This can have a positive and a negative counterpart. It is true that it helps reduce noise pollution in cities. However, it can cause certain traffic accidents such as pedestrians being run over by the silent engine. In addition, there are many bikers who love the sound of the combustion engine and, for them, this silence of hybrid motorcycles is a disadvantage.
  • They do not have as much speed as the models that move with gasoline. For speed buffs, this type of motor cannot meet the needs.
  • Despite the fact that every year the price of hybrid motorcycles is lower, there are still quite a few differences with conventional motorcycles. This initial investment can be compensated in the short and medium term with significant savings in maintenance costs. The problem is that this is not taken into account by many of the individuals who purchase this type of vehicle.

The electric batteries are removable and can be taken anywhere to charge while we work or are at home. We must also take into account that the cost of the electricity bill will increase whenever we are charging it in our home. To optimize spending in our home it is important to know when is light more expensive.


No one can affirm or deny that electric motorcycles are increasingly present in our day to day. If we must mention that for people who live in the city and do not travel much in the suburbs, an electric motorcycle may be a better option. For those people who do move outside the cities but who also circulate in very congested environments, a motorcycle or hybrid that can use a combustion engine in external areas and electric in internal areas is interesting.

In any case, do not be afraid to change the model in our own way. If the situation that you have evaluated fits with the use that you are going to give the motorcycle, everything will be benefits.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about hybrid motorcycles.

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