Crafts with glass bottles

recycled lamps

Many types of waste are generated in the home every day. One of them is glass bottles. Can be done numerous glass bottle crafts to aid recycling and encourage creativity. They can also be used to have a good time in your free time. If they are made of glass, we can use the beauty of glass, with transparency and with its shapes to be able to create something useful and turn them into something more than simple decorative objects.

In this article we are going to tell you some crafts with glass bottles.

Crafts with glass bottles

glass bottle crafts

Glass or glass bottle crafts give you an opportunity to restore the practicality of high-quality, durable disposable containers, such as a bottle of whiskey, wine, or juice. It is not always necessary to condemn glass bottles to the recycling container, but it can also be given a second useful life. However, it is better to recycle them than to mix them with organic waste.

However, here we promise to use them to make something useful and beautiful, an object worthy of admiration, such as painting or coloring on them. The ideas that we present below are just some of the most common ways to recycle them, but we can also do many other things with them, such as placing them next to blinds and enjoying the reflections that the sun draws in them, or fill them as small objects.

Even if we are handymen, they are very suitable for building the most decorative walls. Here are some ideas on how to recycle glass bottles and turn them into beautiful decorative crafts.

Bottle lamps

crafts with recycled glass bottles

One of the best ways to recycle this material is to make some pretty table lamps or hang them on wine bottles. It is much simpler than it seems. To do this, we will first clean the bottle. We remove stickers or papers with product brands. If it doesn't come out completely, We can clean it with warm water or alcohol on the cloth to finish removing the paper.

Then we will continue cutting it. The easiest way is to use thick cotton yarn (like the cotton yarn used in crochet) and acetone. We turn the piece to cut a few times and then we tie the thread. We took it out of the bottom, soaked it in acetone and put it back in place. At the same time we put ice water in a small bucket so that it is very cold.

Once we put the thread back into the bottle, we light it and turn it over so that the flame does not stay only in one part. We give it about 10 laps and submerge it in water. Contact with the cold will cause the threaded area to split, which will allow us to achieve a perfect cut. It is important to wear plastic glasses to prevent glass shards from entering our eyes.

Candlestick or candle holder

To make chandeliers, chandeliers or lanterns, we can decorate glass bottles, or if they are very beautiful, like some wine or white drinks, we can use them directly. To do this, we need a ½ copper wick and connector, such as connectors for outdoor hot water pipes, Teflon, and burnt alcohol.

We cover part of the joint with Teflon until it is adjusted to the diameter of the bottle, and then we put the wick. We will have a long hat. In the bottle we introduce a liquid, in this case alcohol, but it may be kerosene, and we place the cap with the wick. We can use it this way, or we can use a 4 inch pole and mounting screws to fix it on the wall to keep distance and not burn the wall.

Crafts with glass bottles of alcohol

bottle decoration

Surely we over a bottle of gin that we have ever ordered. With this we can make a soap dispenser. This is very simple. We only need a dispenser, preferably metal, to hang it on the top of the bottle. We can use it with soap to wash hands in the bathroom, kitchen soap or anywhere we can imagine.

If you are interested in making them by hand, you can cover them with colored paper or even make impressive murals. Just put a piece of paper and you can turn the most boring bottle into a beautiful decoration.

Another good use is to make glass from bottles, you just need a glass cutter, or you can do it manually using a hot and cold process until it breaks, like the one we use for the bottle lights. You just have to put your imagination so that quite curious things come out.

The best way to paint a glass bottle is to use chalkboard paint. In addition to black, there are different colors, all of them matte and very beautiful. They can also be used to write sentences with chalk. Put a coat of chalkboard paint on the glass bottles and you will breathe new life into them.

Vase and terrarium with decorated glass bottles

For this craft we need a glass or glass bottle and some old pants. Surely you have some old pants that are not used and you can give it another life. If you have several jeans it is much better since it can be decorated with different shades of blue.

To do this, we place the toned bands in a gradient from the darkest to the brightest. We can also use different parts of the pants, such as pockets or buttons, and cut out squares of various sizes to make patches or collages.

Terrariums are in fashion and so are mini gardens. Now we suggest that you recycle the glass bottles in terrariums where you can give life to your plants and at the same time decorate a special corner. What's more you won't have to constantly worry about watering them. You can also use them as if they were pots but, in that case, very special pots with which you will be able to create a unique effect. Succulent plants are ideal for planting in these types of makeshift pots because they will require little care. They are perfect for decorating the living room.

We can also create beautiful hanging gardens with bottles. Fill your garden, terrace or patio with color with them and you will give an original atmosphere that corner where you did not know what to put. You don't need more to get a shocking effect.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about crafts with glass bottles.

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