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Underfloor heating is one of the most comfortable heating systems, in addition, combined with aerothermal energy, it provides high energy efficiency and achieves significant energy savings. This system combination combines the advantages of both systems, the good efficiency of the pneumatic heat pump and the pleasant heat distribution of the underfloor heating. The aerothermal underfloor heating be gaining more and more ground in this area in homes.

For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you what the characteristics and what the aerothermal radiant floor consists of.

What is aerothermy

underfloor heating aerothermal

The thermal energy of the air works through a heat pump, which is a technology that extracts the energy present in the air. This energy can be extracted from the outside to move it inside the house (heating) or extracted from the inside to discharge it to the outside (cooling). What's more, If we have a tank or a hybrid boiler, it is also used to produce domestic hot water.

The versatility of pneumatic heat pumps allows their connection to heat generators (boilers, solar collectors) and heat emitters (radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating). It can work in heating mode to transfer the heat gained to the water circuit and distribute it throughout the house. It also has a cooling option whereby cold water is transferred to the water circuit.

A heat pump works by extracting the energy of a certain place to give it to another. In order to do this, you need one outdoor unit and several indoor units. The energy contained in the air in a natural way can be used in an inexhaustible way since it is presented in the form of temperature. If we extract the heat from the air, the sun will heat it up again, so we can say that it is an inexhaustible source.

The energy contained in the air in a natural way, in the form of temperature, is available in a virtually inexhaustible way, since it is capable of regeneration by natural means (heating by the energy of the sun), so that aerothermal energy can be considered as a renewable energy. Using this energy it is possible to produce heat and hot water in a less polluting way, achieving energy savings of up to 75%.

What is an aerothermal underfloor heating

advantages of aerothermal underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a system made up of pipe loops installed under the road. When the water from the heat pump is distributed through the circuit, heat is transferred or extracted from the entire home to meet year-round heat demand.

The highest degree of energy efficiency can be found when sizing devices that operate at low temperatures. The working water temperature of the underfloor heating is between 30 and 50 degrees, combined with the hot air heat pump, the consumption is extremely low and the thermal comfort effect is excellent.

How does it work

floor heating

It is normally used for air conditioning or air conditioning. For this, we use the heat pump. This is in charge of heating or cooling the air in the premises. It works thanks to a heat pump of the air-water system type that what it does is extract the heat that exists from the outside air (this air contains energy) and transfers it to the water. This water supplies the heating system with the heat to condition the premises. Hot water is also used for sanitary purposes.

Heat pumps usually have a fairly high performance and efficiency close to 75%. Even in winter it can be used in very low temperatures with little loss of efficiency. How can you get warmth from cold air in winter? This is a question people often ask themselves when they hear about aerothermy. However, this happens thanks to heat pumps. Oddly enough, air, even at very low temperatures, contains energy in the form of heat. This energy is absorbed by a refrigerant that circulates inside the heat pump, between the outdoor and indoor units.

Advantages of the aerothermal floor

  • Great comfort: The combination of air heating and underfloor heating makes the house very comfortable. Heat is distributed evenly throughout the house and is not concentrated in one spot like other heat radiators. This makes it a very suitable facility to enjoy happiness at home.
  • Energy efficiency: Underfloor heating connected to a generator (such as a pneumatic heat pump) and designed to operate at low heating temperatures achieves an excellent level of energy efficiency. For example, the temperature of the water supply in winter is between 35-45 degrees, which is enough to heat our home, but consumes very little.
  • Aerothermal underfloor heating options: In this sense, the advantage is obvious since having a complete air conditioning system, in the same device can provide hot water in winter and cold water in summer, without the need to install any additional equipment. Although like all systems it has its drawbacks, it is recommended to install it in an area with low humidity to avoid condensation.
  • Emission reduction: The high efficiency achieved by the combination of underfloor heating and heat from the air makes it a renewable energy source. The reduction of electricity consumption or the consumption of fossil fuels (if we compare it with boilers) supposes a reduction in greenhouse effect emissions. Direct or indirect emissions from the boiler due to the generation of electricity through thermal cycles or combustion.
  • Amortizable investment: Despite the initial investment in the installation of underfloor heating and aerothermal heating, it pays for itself in a reasonable period of time due to the energy savings achieved throughout the installation.

Aerothermal equipment absorb the energy contained in the outside air. And that energy is constantly renewed. To give you an idea, An aerothermal heat pump uses 75% renewable energy and 25% electrical energy.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the aerothermal radiant floor and its characteristics.

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