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On our planet there are thousands of species of trees that give us the oxygen we breathe and help us absorb the carbon dioxide we pollute. Thanks to these trees, forests are generated that serve as habitats for millions of animal, plant and fungal species as well as being resources for human beings. Among the best known world trees we have a very precious list.

For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you about the main trees in the world and their characteristics.

world trees

most important trees

The Tulle tree

The Tule Tree, a Moctezuma cypress, it is located in the center of Santa María del Tule in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It has the strongest trunk of any tree in the world, especially since the trunk is heavily supported, the diameter readings detected are larger than the actual cross section of the trunk. It was so big that it was thought that there were more trees, but DNA tests showed that it was a single tree. The tree is estimated to be between 1.200 and 3.000 years old.


Not only is it the oldest tree on Earth, it is also the oldest known living thing. It is known to be located in Nevada, although its exact location is unknown (as a conservation measure). It is about 4.700 years old.

It received this name at the time, but we must remember that the biblical character "only" lived 969 years. This tree belongs to a very long-lived pine, Pinus longaeva or the intermountain western bristle pine, bristle pine. Many people think that it is the specimen in the photo above, light wood with dark veins, proudly showing all the signs of aging, crystallized pose in the wind, but the truth is that it is not because of its importance in the tree The field of Chronological investigation has attempted to protect her by revealing only the area, but her true identity remains a secret.


If Methuselah is the oldest known creature, Prometheus is the oldest known creature. It is Prometheus who is no longer with us. He was felled in 1964 by a University of North Carolina researcher, Donald R. Currey (a fact that remains controversial today). It was discovered in Nevada, USA, and has a history of more than 5.000 years.

Patriarch of the Forest

It belongs to the species Cariniana legalis. It is about 3.000 years old and today it is a symbol of Brazil's fight against deforestation and the salvation of the Amazon.

Its scientific name is Rosa Jequitibà, belongs to the species Cariniana legalis, and the base of the trunk has a circumference of 16 meters. According to local tradition, it is considered a sacred tree. Its crown hugs the sky 50 meters above the ground, almost wishing (given the massive deforestation in Brazil) to know how to stay away from the constant risk of slaughter.

manchineel of death

huge trees

Possibly the most dangerous tree on earth. It grows in coastal areas, especially in the Caribbean. Its fruit is lethal to humans and most mammals. But also, its sap can cause severe eruptions, smoke from burning wood and leaves is highly toxic, and is the oldest and largest chestnut in the world.

The chestnut of the 100 horses

With a history of almost 4.000 years and a circumference of 56,9 meters, it is one of the widest trees in the world (this is how it is included in the Guinness Book of Records). Just 8 kilometers from the crater of the Edna Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.


We put the Hyperion first, and the Sequoia has the honor of being the tallest tree on Earth (at least, the biggest you can see). To find out). It is located in the Redwood National Park and has a height of 115,61 meters. Note that Redwood National Park ranks second on the list of tallest trees on the planet, in addition to Hyperior, Helios, and Icarus.

dwarf willow

trees of the world

Dwarf or herbaceous willows are not important in terms of their age, size, toxicity, or contribution to the environment. The dwarf willow proves that the tree is not only majestic, but also as small or much smaller than a bonsai. namely, usually about 6 cm long.

The Tree of Life

This tree has spent more than 600 years of its life in complete solitude and isolation and deserves this list. In 1973, a drunken Libyan driver felled the tree, which is located in Bahrain and has nothing but sand. The original tree is now in another location. The original spot now houses a commemorative metal statue.

General Sherman

General Sherman is not the tallest nor the widest tree on Earth, but it is the largest tree and the one with the most biomass, thanks to its height of 83 meters and a diameter of 11 meters more at its base. The 2000-year-old giant sequoia is an institution in Sequoia National Park, and it is the time of the oldest and largest sequoia on Earth.


It is 3.266 years old, has a height of 75 meters and a volume of about 1.533 cubic meters, distributed as follows: 1.278 cubic meters of trunk and 255 cubic meters of branches. The trunk is covered with a thick rust-brown bark, it rises straight into the sky, from where it looks out onto the magnificent horizon, the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

Olive tree of Vouves

Olive trees are frugal trees that are highly resistant to disease and prolonged drought. This famous specimen, found on the Greek island of Crete, it is 12,5 meters high and has a maximum diameter of 4,6 meters, it took root about 3.500 years ago. The trunk is a wonderful tangle, reminiscent of lava flows that have solidified over the centuries. It is visited by around 20.000 people each year and still produces delicious olives.


Alerce is a majestic Patagonian cypress (Fitzroya cupressoides) discovered in 1993. These cypresses are characterized by a rough crown in the shape of a pyramid and a huge, slow-growing trunk, measuring just a millimeter in circumference each year, though it also reaches an astonishing height of over 100 metres. After careful measurements of the ring, Alerce's age was determined to be 3.640 years.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the Dawn of the world and its characteristics.

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