Recycling campaign

Recycling is important for the planet

We can all organize a recycling campaign in our city, since it is quite common that there are no programs for the separation, collection and recycling of all the waste that is generated.

That is why the school, an NGO, a club, companies and other institutions can organize recycling campaigns that promote the recycling of all kinds of waste. If you want to organize one, here are the guidelines to follow.

Tips for a successful recycling campaign

There are several types of recycling bins

For a recycling campaign to be successfulcertain guidelines must be taken into account such as:

  • Recycling campaigns have a set start and end time, if not converted into programs. There is a start date and an end date.
  • A good channels In the area where the campaign is planned, use all kinds of media such as posters, advertising, social networks, door to door, among others.
  • Give clear information when spreading the campaign so that everyone understands the message and how it will be carried out.
  • Before starting the campaign, you have to manage what will be done with the waste or materials that are collected.
  • Involve all social and community sectors to make it truly successful.
  • Give options and forms of participation to citizens so that more people can collaborate.
  • When the campaign is concluded, the results must be reported in different media so that those who participated know how it ended and what was achieved.
  • Recycling campaigns can be repeated but it is convenient to be creative and communicate in a different way.

A recycling campaign can be local, regional and even national. They can focus on a large quantity of products or materials that are waste but should not be disposed of as they would generate contamination in addition to wasting resources.

Recycling must become the main way to manage waste, in every city, town and country recycling should be promoted. In this way you will be protecting the the environment.

A good recycling campaign should raise awareness and inform about the need for recycling and give information on how to do it.

Have you ever organized a recycling campaign? What steps did you take to organize it?

To be complete, don't forget to explain the meaning of the colors on the recycling bins:

Recycling containers
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How can we carry out a recycling campaign at school?

Encouraging recycling from an early age is usually a great option so that they can introduce these habits into their daily lives. If we teach children to recycle from a young age, we get them to continue doing it automatically in the future. Let's see what are the keys so that a recycling campaign at school can work well:

  • Teach the 3Rs and their importance
  • Start with a classroom recycling system
  • Teach and designate containers to store all the materials used in crafts
  • Reuse all items that can be used elsewhere
  • Do activities so that children can use recycled items
  • Explain the importance of washing your hands after recycling materials
  • Organize guided tours of local recycling plants

How to motivate people to recycle?

To motivate people to recycle, you have to incentivize with some kind of prize. You can choose to create a donation campaign to encourage the culture of not using paper or packaging if not necessary. In order to effectively separate waste, it is important to have enough recycling bins for this.

You can give away toys, clothes and books that do not serve you so that someone else can use them again. The best thing is to communicate all these actions and motivate reaching some kind of objective to reduce the environmental impact of the activities on a day-to-day basis.

What sectors promote social campaigns such as recycling?

To get more people to recycle It is always interesting to get in touch with non-governmental organizations, educational centers, or even sports centers which are the sectors that can offer you the most help, perhaps by providing you with a room to give conferences and thus raise awareness among people, or by putting up posters, for example.

How should it be recycled?

To recycle correctly it is important to know well the waste, its type and where it should be deposited. The most common waste generated in our homes on a daily basis is packaging, plastics, paper, cardboard and glass. All of them must be separated from organic waste and deposited in their respective containers.

Subsequently, we must know what hazardous or toxic waste is and where to deposit it. For this, there are specific containers, those for batteries, used oil and clean points in cities.

What can we do to improve waste recycling?

It is important to recycle to take care of the environment

To improve the recycling of waste, the important thing is to train good and know the different types of containers that exist. We can also ask local councils to improve the waste system, facilitating the deposition and collection of the same. Most important of all is to reduce consumption to improve efficiency and use of raw materials.

How to create a garbage collection campaign?

The steps to follow will be more or less the same as if we want to create a recycling one; that is, we have to place the appropriate containers and explain where each waste goes. What's more, it is important to raise awareness, either by showing videos and / or images of the pollution that exists on the planet, and the effects it causes on nature and on ourselves.

It is especially interesting to start in kindergartens or schoolsIt is known that when children learn from a young age to take care of the environment, they are more likely to continue doing so as adults.

Little by little, each one putting his grain of sand, we will be able to have a cleaner Earth.

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    Thank you Adriana, the news is very nice, it is that I search for this topic in google because I want the Costa Rican people (my country) to have the awareness of doing that, and if you prefer, search for "rio virilla costa rica", and they will be unpleasant news about the waste that is sadly thrown into rivers.

  2.   sofia said

    I really like what it says because that way we can recycle

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    Super! It served as the basis for planning a campaign in the company for which I work.

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    How to raise environmental resources?

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    This information helped me a lot thanks adrian

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    Hello, I would like to receive support and information to recycle the garbage from my work. We use a lot of plastic and I would like to help the planet a little.

  7.   Robert said

    Hello good day; Within our neighborhood, we are organizing waste separation with green points.
    Made by us, they will be put in a single place, (a battery of 15 bags) we agree with the company that will remove the waste, we will put a control camera and correct the one that does it improperly.
    Advice, what kind of information should we guide in the neighbor, so that he knows where to put the waste, etc.
    Thank you very much for your time.