The countries that currently produce the most wind energy

Windmills to generate wind power

La wind energy is one of the main sources of change right now to other horizons that have nothing to do with the use of fossil fuels. You just have to know that at least 84 countries around the world are using wind energy to supply their electricity grids.

Just a year ago the capacity of the wind exceeded 369,553 gW and the total energy production is growing rapidly to become 4 percent of the total electricity used on the planet. And if the 17 gW installed in 2014 was already quite an achievement, in the first half of 2015 they reached 21,7 gW, which brings us to the global capacity of 392 gW, with about 428 gW by the end of this year. 2015.

Global capacity grew in the first months of 2015 by 5,8 percent after having achieved 5,3% in 2015 and 4,9% in 2013 in the same period. If we consider that in 2014 the annual growth rate was 16,5 percent so that by mid-year 2015 there will be reached 16,8 percent, we can be aware of the great year we are sticking to in 2015.

This increase in the use of wind power is due mainly to economic benefits From this source, the increase in competitiveness, the uncertainty in the world oil and gas supply and the pressures to move towards clean and sustainable technologies over time.

The main producers of wind energy

Windmills in China

The wind industry is now run by a good variety of industries large capacity, energy cooperatives to environmental groups. It is known that for a greater success of this type of power source even a greater variety will be needed.

At the end of June 2015, the country with a largest installed wind power capacity is China in first place, followed by the United States in second and Germany in third.

China has 124 gW this year and has grown by 10 gW since 2014 and in 44 gW since 2013. Continuous growth that is helping, in part, to alleviate its pollution problems, although it will need to invest more money in this type of source to be able to truly reduce them.

The next is United States with 67 gW installed And in its growth since 2013, in just two years, its capacity has increased by 8 gW with real stagnation, something that can also be seen in Germany, India and Spain, of course, when compared to the enormous growth in China. .

Apart from the main powers in wind power, it is necessary to cite Brazil that showed the highest ratio growth of all markets with 14% growth in this year 2015.

As a negative point we find several European markets that have been paralyzed, something that will happen to the German when certain changes enter the regulation for the next two years, something that will reduce its wind power capacity.


Chinese operator checking mill

China expects to have 347,2 gW by 2025 with annual installations that will reach 56,8 gW. Something quite significant of what this type of energy will mean for this country.

And although China is right now as the maximum exponent of this type of energy, it really is in a moment of stagnation. The figures available to 2025 globally will exceed 962,6 gW which means that China will be, even with this setback, one of the main players of this type of energy on the planet.

It is precisely in this year that it has been predicted that China would not only be categorized as the largest wind energy installer by 2015, but will also continue to lead this sector in 2016.

Other countries that will be vital

Windmill propeller in detail generating wind power

India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan increase their capacity from 148,2 gW in 2014 to 437,8 gW with a global share percentage that would reach 45,5%.

Other major countries for the success of wind energy are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico that will add 45,6 gW. We have already spoken of Uruguay and Costa Rica as two of the greatest examples of carrying out policies that allow the growth of this type of clean energy, something vital for our future.

The key wind energy for the energy future

This type of energy has become extremely cost effective. In areas where energy consumption is increasing, new sources have to be created, and this is where wind power has to play a very important role.

In mature markets where the infrastructure for coal, nuclear or gas generation is already in place, there are more challenges ahead due to the great change that has to take place. It's here where wind energy has to compete against maintenance costs from existing energy sources. Still, the energy source from the wind is quite an attractive option, apart from the fact that it provides energy without emitting greenhouse gases.

Installation of a windmill

It also has something going for it and they are reducing costs. There are three main reasons. One is that the wind turbines they are getting older, with taller towers and lighter construction. The second is that supply chain efficiencies have increased and manufacturing systems are reducing costs. The third, and final, is that as wind installations grow, costs are saved by being manufactured on a larger scale than it was previously.

Another of its main reasons is combat climate change and the impact that clean and cheap energy can have that is sustainable over time. Providing that necessary energy so that the world in which we live functions and at the same time does not cause CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is the objective of main companies such as Vestas.

Installation of a windmill
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Research and development of new technologies

It is very important investment in new technologies so that energy efficiency from these turbines and different innovations lead to other paths where they can undertake higher percentages in the global consumption of energy from wind energy.

We have seen celebrities of the stature of Bill Gates they are investing large amounts of money in new energy technologies such as the 2.000 million dollars it has used.

It is from the technological giants who are intuiting that we must change the way we see the energy landscape in which we find ourselves. If we have commented on Gates, another of the great like Mark Zuckerberg are also doing their bit sand to encourage more private corporations to seek a cleaner future for all and a sustainable planet.

Bill Gates

Google has another great project in Africa where it will install more than 365 wind turbines on the shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya. Which will provide 15 percent of the total electricity consumption of this country.

El energy storage It is also shown to be vital for all these needed changes to take place since storing the surplus energy that hundreds of wind turbines can supply is essential to even emphasize the use of an energy source such as wind energy.

Tesla and its home batteries show another way, but rather to what would be self-reliance users' energy, but on a larger scale it could also supply the batteries necessary to "save" that surplus.

We also have new technologies such as the turbines without blades created by Vortex, a Spanish company that is currently sounding a lot due to the incorporation of some wind turbines that hardly cause an environmental impact, since apart from eliminating the noise of the most traditional ones, they do not transform the environment as they do.


This Vortex technology works in such a way that uses the deformation produced by the vibration that is caused by the wind when entering into resonance in a semi-rigid vertical cylinder and anchored in the ground. It is this deformation that is responsible for generating electricity.

2016 a very important year for wind energy

At the Paris Climate Summit a series of agreements has been reached that put 2016 as a vital year so that these percentages of wind energy capacity have to rise considerably due to the reasons that we all know.

A quote for the climate in which wind energy is positioned as one of the vital energy sources so that the reduction of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere takes place, which is causing problems and natural catastrophes throughout the world. A change that has to be made from all parts of this world to have a great result.

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