The benefits of biogas

Biogas is an ecological way to generate gas. It is produced by the decomposition of waste or organic matter. The technology required to be able to produce biogas called biodigester and it is quite simple since it consists of a chamber where organic waste such as food scraps, crops, manure, etc. are incorporated and added anaerobic bacteria which are those that degrade the matter that after a time becomes methane.
This gas can be used for heating, cooking and other activities such as gas natural.
The advantage is that it reduces the amount of municipal solid waste, does not generate Greenhouse and they are renewable.
This technology is inexpensive and very useful for schools, community kitchens, industrial and agricultural enterprises, especially for areas where natural gas from the network does not reach.
It can also be used for domestic use in cities but it is necessary to have a constant amount of waste to be able to generate gas.
Of the organic waste electricity can be generated, which is why it is an important resource that is often wasted.
It is a great solution for supplying electricity and gas services to small cities and remote towns.
What is required for this Alternative energy be successful is to make the population aware of the importance of not discarding their organic trash but to contribute it in the biodigesters so that they work.
The collaboration of the community is essential for it to work since a family or small group of people is not enough to generate as much waste as to feed the biodigester.
It is important to change our behavior and help if there is a biogas plant in our city.
Be aware that a large part of the materials that we consider garbage are actually raw materials that can provide us with compost, gas or electricity.
There are many successful experiences around the world on the use of biodigesters to make gas.
In Europe alone there are at least 60 organic waste treatment plants.
This Energy It is absolutely renewable and clean, so we really collaborate in improving the the environment with the use of this type of technology.

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