Sustainability: products for saving energy, water and raw materials

save energy and water

El energy saving and water saving They are key to mitigating the effects of climate change, protecting freshwater reserves, and leaving a better planet for future generations. If politicians do nothing, only speeches, you can do something. And if everyone does something, the passivity of those who govern would not matter. Therefore, here I present some of the products that will help you a lot to save in your home. Not only will you have a smaller footprint, you will also see how your electricity and water bills become cheaper, and even take advantage of materials that you simply threw away before.

save water in the shower

Choose one saving shower head of water, which introduce air bubbles and manage to increase the pressure of the water and its volume without spending more. Here are some recommendations:

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Saving water in the sink/toilet

Why not take advantage of the water to wash your hands, face, or rinse your mouth to fill the cistern? Or use a saving single-lever faucet...

save water in the sink

and do the same in the kitchen sink, and remember that an efficient dishwasher is always better than washing dishes by hand... and more comfortable!

Save water in garden irrigation

Plants will thank you for watering, but don't use a single drop more of what is necessary. They need water always, not just now...

Take advantage of gray water

To take advantage of gray waterIf you live in a country house or chalet, you can install a treatment plant to be able to use this water for irrigation and other needs. To do this, buy a sewage treatment plant for your home.

Forget mineral water bottles

Do not buy bottles of mineral water that are not only made of plastic, but also have a higher CO2 footprint, because it involves transporting the water from the source to the point of sale. Use a reverse osmosis system to drink healthy tap water.

get water from the air

Did you know that you can get liters of water from the air? And not only that, take advantage of energy to dehumidify rooms, avoiding mold, fungus proliferation, deterioration of materials, humidity in walls and ceilings, avoiding joint problems due to humidity, respiratory problems, etc. With the water obtained you can water the plants.

Compost organic matter to create compost

Many times the shells of the eggs, the coffee pits, the skins of the fruits, and even other materials such as dry leaves, herbs or pruning remains are thrown away. But all this can be transform into a perfect fertilizer for your garden and pots.

electricity saving

In addition to disconnecting all chargers from mobile devices, turning off what you are not using, and disconnecting devices on stand-by to save, you can also use smart light bulbs, plugs that disconnect automatically, etc.

Savings in air conditioning

The other major energy consumption in the house is usually the air conditioning system, whether it is air conditioning or heating. To save, you can use smart thermostats, as well as improve the insulation of your home.

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Don't throw polluting oil, make soap

With the fat that you discard in the kitchen and with caustic soda you can make Homemade soap, thus taking advantage of this type of oil that can be very polluting.

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Don't waste food, vacuum pack

Don't waste food. Every year tons of food is thrown away, while many others starve to death. Take advantage of your leftovers and preserve your food better.

Say no to single-use coffee pods

Coffee capsules are much more expensive than buying whole or ground coffee. Also, using these capsules means discarding tons of plastic and aluminum from capsules that have already been used. In order not to contribute to this, if you already have a capsule coffee machine, you can use reusable capsules and put the coffee or infusion you prefer.

Avoid using gas for the water heater

Neither Putin's nor Algeria's, stop using gas in the shower water heater with an electric one. Not only do you avoid combustion, but you will also avoid having to carry gas cylinders (if you don't have city gas).

Generate your own energy

Whether using the biomass that you produce, such as dry leaves, nut shells, pruning wood, etc., to warm yourself, or using solar panels to generate electricity from the sun…

Saving water to fill the pool by evaporation

In summer, with the heat, a large amount of water evaporates from the pool. If that's the case, you can save many liters during the summer season by not having to fill the pool as much thanks to these products that will even help you seal leaks:

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Eat ECO, for your health and for the good of the planet

Of course, watch your diet. Eat healthy, keep your body free of certain toxins and help avoid contaminating aquifers, rivers, and devastate land for crops.

Move around the city without emissions

looking for a emission-free vehicle or means of transport when you move around the city and avoid using the car or motorcycle.

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