Poor countries and renewable energy

In developed countries there is a boom in the development, manufacture and use of clean energies y renewable. But this does not happen in Poor countries o underdeveloped that continue with the old scheme in their energy matrix based on the oil, gas and coal.
Not only do they invest little in increasing their energy capacity, which is essential not only for economic development but also to improve the quality of life of their population, but they are wrong when they do so.
It is common to hear that in Latin America or Asia it is planned to build a new coal plant, a nuclear plant or a large hydroelectric dam.
La ONU has been promoting clean energy in poor countries for some years. Since most of them have a lot of natural resources to be able to produce clean and renewable energy that is not taking advantage of the enormous potential they have, since be it solar, wind, biomass, etc..
The states of poor countries still do not promote renewable energy, the use of these energy sources in these places is very insipient.
Poor countries must use and exploit renewable energy in order to improve the quality of life of its population, combat the climate change and achieve a sustainable economic development.
Renewable energies are not only for developed countries, everyone can benefit from their use, but a change in perception of the reality of the authorities of poor countries is relevant.
Promoting the installation and development of clean energies is essential to be able reduce poverty and the inequality of populations within the same country but also with respect to the rest.
Energy resources reach everyone but not everyone, because conventional sources limit access due to cost, geographic distribution and the need for infrastructure. Instead most of the renewable energy They are easy to install and have low maintenance costs, and they also have the ability to use the closest natural resources.
La poverty it can be eradicated with the help of renewable energies since they allow the development of economic and social activities where they could not before.

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  1.   Noetxu said

    Thanks to this information I have been able to do a job, thank you! (:

    1.    Noetxu said

      I'm sorry I didn't like it, I wanted to like it! (;

  2.   Rock Mon Log said

    I think the information you have written to make people aware of these problems is very good, in fact it has helped me to argue a science work. But you would have to verify the information, extending the points that you have highlighted to obtain better reliability, it also lacks evidence as well as official investigations of the issues you deal with and official publications of the states involved, so that people really realize how serious it is. of the problem, you could also contact professionals on these issues or even people giving their opinions, at the end of the day everything is related, the world is constantly in motion. As a blog that is dedicated to making these types of publications, with these small and large contributions they could change the world, attracting new people who are willing to help others and improve the world itself, not as you have already been able to simply observe. students for their science work. I believe that if you put yourself to work on these points in your publications, the world may somehow change for the better.
    And justify the text of the publications, I suspended a computer newsroom because of that.

  3.   Federico said

    a real idiocy, I do not say it as an insult, but in a merely descriptive way. If renewables were the solution, Europe would not be killing itself over gas. We poor countries that were massacred and exploited by Europe for centuries have the right to access comfort and well-being like anyone else, after years of plundering natural resources.
    They devastated Europe, they devastated the rest of the world, they still take the natural resources… and what do they ask for? that we light up when the sun rises and plug in the refrigerator when it's windy... in the meantime they tell us not to exploit our gas and our oil, please take off the cologne from our heads