Organic waste can make good homemade compost

One of the outstanding debts that cities have with the the environment is the proper manipulation of organic waste. As we have indicated in previous posts, the uncontrolled waste dumps pollute soil, air and water and the worst thing is that one way or another they end up reaching the food chain of people or animals.

El recycling, which must be practiced more and more between individuals and industries, solves only the handling of light containers, plastics and tetrabricks; paper and glass, but we are still far from ecologically solving the problem of organic waste that we cannot dispose of in recycling bins.

However, such wastes, with a small investment and quick learning, can become excellent compost for plants and fruit trees that need to be manured and fertilized.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. organic waste are, for example, those resulting from the garden pruning, fruit peels, in general, vegetable remains if it is going to be done at home on a small scale. The advantage is that it is organic so we will not have to use chemical or synthetic fertilizers to grow our plants or garden vegetables. You do not have to handle organic waste that you do not want, you can do it only with what you want, of course the more the better, but at least many people do not like to handle certain types of organic waste and it is understandable, such as dung. horse or chicken droppings. You can also make a good compost with Eggshells, fruit shells, parts of vegetables that we do not use, coffee, ashes, etc., that is to say that everyone can have their own compost "recipe".

For this, some small compost bins, for domestic use, in which an ecosystem is created that causes controlled decomposition of waste, That primary decomposition is already compost and added to the soil where our plants are rooted, they improve its nutritional composition, making plants and vegetables stronger and more robust.

Many related stores offer easy-to-use homemade compost bins, and the kit includes everything you need to create the compost and easy instructions. With this we will be feeding our plants without depleting soil resources, without chemical substances and without polluting emissions, in addition to giving a good outlet to organic waste by recycling it to convert it into organic fertilizer or compost.

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