most beautiful fish in the world

most beautiful fish in the world

Fish are divided into two main groups: freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Freshwater fish live in habitats where the water has less salinity, such as rivers and lakes, while saltwater fish enjoy life in oceans, lagoons, and coral reefs. Fish, small or large, have value and beauty in marine ecosystems. There are people who seek to know what are the most beautiful fish in the world.

Therefore, in this article we are going to show you which are the most beautiful fish in the world and their characteristics.

The most beautiful fish in the world

Mandarin fish

mandarin fish

The mandarin or also known as dragonet is one of the most beautiful fish in the world, it has feathers like fins that are so brightly colored that they seem phosphorescent. He lives in northern Australia and likes to blend in with the surrounding reefs., competing in a friendly way to see who is the prettiest. It is a small and shy tropical fish that likes to appear during mating at night. Mandarins like to wear blue, although orange, yellow, orange, purple, green and other prints are also suitable for him.

angel flame

As its name suggests, this fish is full of fire. Its vibrant orange-red color will not go unnoticed even from a distance, as a warning sign that it is nothing dangerous. It is a flat-bodied saltwater fish that lives below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, its favorite habitats being Hawaiian lagoons and coral reefs. It is undoubtedly one of the 8 most beautiful fish in the world in the marine environment.


The parrotfish is one of the cutest fish in the sea thanks to its beak-shaped mouth that doubles as lips. These fish not only adorn the environment in which they live, but are also very important for the survival of coral reefs, since they eat certain types of algae and other pests that can damage these valuable ecosystems.


The clown fish is so special, colorful and beautiful that it has become the inspiration for one of the most important characters in today's animated cinema. Nemo and his father's character in the movie Finding Nemo. Clownfish have a unique biology in that their sex can change between male and female. They form family groups, and the males are the ones that protect the young... just like in the fascinating movie.

bignose butterflyfish

bignose butterflyfish

It is one of the most popular saltwater fish among marine aquarium enthusiasts. Unlike some of the specimens mentioned, the long-nosed butterflyfish is not a threatened species. It lives in coral reefs and usually moves in pairs, except for the youngest, which move in groups.

Surgeon fish

The Painter's Palette Fish has that shape, only it has been painted in spectacular shades of blue, black and yellow. In addition to the clown fish, this fish was also chosen among the many actors in the movie "Finding Nemo" and became one of the main characters, the nice and beloved fish Dory with a bad memory. Keep in mind that surgeonfish are seriously threatened.


This fish is as elegant as it is spectacular. Not only physically, but also in behavior, this fish has the regal and graceful Asian air of which ancient legends speak. It is native to the Banggai Islands in Indonesia, hence the name. Unfortunately, in its wildest state, it is in danger of extinction due to overfishing that has introduced it to different aquariums around the world and deadly trawling. As with other fish such as clownfish, it is the females that lay the eggs, while the males protect them and even reproduce.

blue faced angelfish

It stands out for having that strange natural mask and such a magnificent face. The special feature of the "blue face" is that the face is brighter than the body, although all of them are very beautiful. These fish swim throughout the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Micronesia, Australia, and northern Japan. They like privacy, so they spend a lot of time in burrows.

In nature, this fish has a wide distribution; It is found throughout the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Australia, Micronesia, and as far north as Japan. In nature, these fish usually live in caves and lagoons.

The most beautiful fish in the world for aquariums

ramirezi fish

most beautiful fish in the world for aquariums

This species is native to the Orinoco River that crosses Colombia and Venezuela. It is a very brightly colored fish with black spots. The males have more striking colors and are also larger. It is a monogamous species and usually lives in pairs to care for their young together. As suchIt is a very calm fish, but it can be somewhat territorial and even aggressive with other species when it comes to protecting their young.

platy fish

These fish are very social, so it is best to have more than one fish of the same species so that they can interact and swim together. It is a small fish, between 3 and 6 cm in length. In their case, the males are the smallest and the females the largest, since it is an ovoviviparous species, that is, the females keep the fertilized eggs in their uteruses until they hatch and then expel them. These fish come in a wide variety of colors, from red and yellow to green and blue.

dwarf gourami fish

This fish is not only attractive, but also wonderfully behaved. This is a very small species, not exceeding 6 cm in length., which makes it unique in that oblong fish like this tend to be much larger. Their coloration tends to be bright, almost electric, and their lateral fins often take on a lighter shade. They are very shy and solitary, do not like to be around fast fish and usually swim at the top of the tank.

common goldfish

It is the most popular fish in aquariums around the world, in addition to being one of the first fish bred in captivity as a companion animal, it is also used as food in China. This goldfish is carp, also known as "goldfish." It's beautiful and although it is common in aquariums around the worldIt is a necessary tenant as long as other fish do not conflict with its species and it adapts to the thermal conditions of our domestic ecosystem.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the most beautiful fish in the world and their characteristics.

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