The 5 elements of nature

the 5 elements of nature characteristics

In nature there are different elements that make up all the ecosystems that we know. The 5 elements of nature The main ones are earth, wood, fire, water and metal. This classification has its origin in traditional Chinese philosophy. They are tangible elements that are found in nature in its purest form. Philosophy has established a symbol on the complementary changing character that is present in all living beings and the environment that surrounds them.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the 5 elements of nature and their importance.

Key features

wood as an ecosystem

Chinese philosophy reveals the interrelation between them from different angles: according to the path passed down from generation to generation, each element produces another, thus completing the harmonious cycle between the five elements.

Another point of view is the cycle of domination, also known as the star of destruction. In this method, each item is sent to another item until the loop is restarted.

In order to fully understand the 5 elements of nature, we must know well what an ecosystem is. The ecosystem is a system, that is, a set of interacting elements, these elements include: physical environment, organisms and their interactions (predator, predator, host parasite, competition, symbiosis, pollination, insect distribution). Seeds, etc.).

When people view the ecosystem as part of the natural world, the distance between a suitable definition and a long distance is defined by the types of organisms that coexist and their interactions. It is the object of investigation of ecology. Environmentalists set their limits based on their work needs. An ecosystem can be the stomach of ruminants, their intestinal flora, ponds, forests, lakes. It is made up of dynamically related biological (biological contamination) and non-biological (biological communities) elements. In other words, it is a functional unit in which the living and non-living elements of the environment are integrated in a complex way.

The 5 elements of nature

the 5 elements of nature

According to Chinese culture and Feng Shui, in nature five elements are clearly distinguished that lead the natural phenomena in the world.


Water is an element that represents more than 70% of the earth's surface and occupies the first place. In different states (solid, liquid or gaseous), water always exists in one form or another in nature. From a spiritual point of view, this element is related to the soft skills, emotional management, introspection, inner peace, meditation and reflective behavior of each person. Considering the state of rest at this time of year, this element is related to winter. Water is also associated with blue, the symbols of the ocean, and absolute tranquility.

People whose Chinese astral theme is based on the water element have a sharp and intuitive temperament. They have a great ability to listen and analyze others, allowing them to develop excellent communication talents. Their judgment and diplomatic conscience can easily lead them to intervene at the root of the problems they face in order to better solve them.


There is wood in the trunk of the tree. It is a robust element, related to strength, verticality and leafiness. In the spiritual realm, it has to do with growth and tenderness. Taking into account the symbolic meaning of growth and expansion that occurs naturally at this time of year, wood corresponds to spring. It is also associated with brown and green wood decorations, and natural scents such as pine, cedar, and cypress oil.

Wood is the element of birth, creativity, longevity and wisdom. People who use wood as an element have a generous and lively nature. They are upright and honest people, and only strong beliefs can make them of great moral value. Innovation is second nature and your creative talents are often above average. Nature lovers and great friends of pets. Wood people like quiet places, which allows them to find their inner balance.

The 5 elements of nature: fire

Fire is defined as the emission of light and heat caused by the combustion process. This element is related to physical and emotional fluctuations. Due to the heat wave, a fire broke out in summer. It is also related to the feeling of destruction, war and violence. The colors associated with fire are red, orange, and yellow.

People with "fire" as an element they are brave, open-minded and outgoing. They are usually fun, passionate and full of energy. Fire users are generous, adventurous and enthusiastic, they are charismatic leaders and very talented in communication. On the other hand, they can also be stubborn and focus on activities that require intense and continuous work, while ignoring the details essential to the success of their business. Their desire for innovation is so great that they often take irrational risks and even endanger their own happiness. Their need for recognition is almost limitless and their tendency to impose their own ideas can sometimes irritate their surroundings.


This item is related to the abundance, the nutrition of the trees and the production through the life of Mother Earth.

From a philosophical point of view, the earth is an element related to wisdom, loyalty, stability, justice and good judgment.

The colors associated with this element are brown, yellow, terracotta and orange. The land is also related to the end of summer.

The 5 elements of nature: metal

natural ecosystems

Covers all metals that exist on earth, including copper, brass, aluminum, silver, copper, and gold. Metal is related to structured thinking: intelligence, talent, planning and organizing ideas. The content above makes this element closely related to business management. This element symbolizes the fall season, a meticulous and visionary culture.

Metal, the material of the protective shield and the sharp sword, is the representative element of solidity, brilliance, loyalty, but also rigidity. Metal individuals are meticulous and precise in their speech. They have a determined and calculating mind. When they have a goal in mind, they tend to act without hesitation. Metal individuals are ambitious beings who love money and the power associated with it.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the 5 elements of nature and their characteristics.

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