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By recycling everyday objects, in addition to saving money and giving an original and personalized touch to our homes, we can reduce waste and be more respectful of the environment. There's a lot ideas to recycle at home and to be able to give a second life to what no longer served as it was destined to be waste.

In this article we are going to give you some of the best ideas to recycle at home.

The importance of recycling at home

recycled packaging

The habit of recycling has become very important in recent years. This has proven to be the best way to reduce the amount of waste that pollutes the environment. Although consumerism has made this task somewhat difficult, more and more people decide to reuse some elements of their homes. While many may seem useless, there are some tricks and ideas you can use to avoid having to throw them away.

The benefits of creative recycling are basically the same as those of traditional recycling: caring for the environment, reducing pollution, reducing greenhouse gases, conserving natural resources and, most importantly, develop responsible consumption habits.

However, this type of recycling gives us added value: it helps us foster creativity and makes us more likely to seek everyday solutions with the materials, elements and products that we have at hand.

It's not just about sorting and reusing, The main benefit of creative recycling is knowing how to take what we already have and give it a second or even a third cycle of life, thus facilitating responsible consumption patterns.

An excellent way to spend unforgettable moments with your family and give life to products that you no longer use is through creative recycling. In addition to the ideas we give you in this post, you can also check out our DIY guide where you can find examples of how to make amazing crafts.

Ideas for recycling

ideas to recycle at home

Plastic bottle as a flower pot

If you are thinking of creating an urban garden, you can avoid buying pots and contribute to responsible consumption by using empty plastic bottles. With a cutter you can cut them in half, make a small cut at the bottom to drain the water, and fill them with soil to be able to plant to your liking. Also, an urban garden is a great way to grow your own food and start an activity that will help not only the environment, but also the mind and body.

Container for pasta and vegetables

This idea allows you to save space and keep these products fresh for longer. as? Use plastic bottles, like soft drinks, and introduce rice, chickpeas or pasta to keep them available. With water-based paint, you can decorate them on the outside for more creative work and identify them with permanent markers so you know what they're on.

vase with bottle

This is the classic way of creative recycling of glass bottles. You can paint them in beautiful vases and decorate your house in an original way.

Glass yogurt cup as a candle holder

One function of these glasses can be to be used as centerpieces. You just have to wash them and put a candle on them so that the light is reflected throughout the room.

Recycle a deflated balloon

Deflated balls are often placed in corners because they no longer serve their intended purpose. However, due to the materials with which they are made, They can be used to make fun sports bags.

Plastic Bottle Bracelet

We give you an idea so you don't throw away bottled water or soft drinks. Cut it into pieces and line them with strips of fabric to make cute bracelets.

Lamp with plastic spoon

Disposable spoons left over from the holidays can be reused as lamp holders, simply cut off the bottom half, use thin glue and methodically attach to drum or water bottle.

Organizer with cardboard tubes

Cardboard toilet paper tubes and other similar products can be used to make cable organizers. They can also be used to organize makeup, pencils and more. Put several in a cardboard box and use each one as a separator for said elements. It is easy to do.

photo frame with jar

It consists of putting photos in glass jars. Then, you will have to fill it with a lot of oil.

Animal with soda cap

ideas to recycle

Due to their shape, soda caps are ideal for crafting with children. For example, by gluing them on cardboard, you can make cute little animals to decorate. Another great option is to stick them to the door or refrigerator with magnets. You will have easy and fun entertainment.


Book lovers often accumulate books that they may never use again. Instead of throwing them away, we can recycle them and make this beautiful shelf. In this way, we create amazing visual effects. A tribute to original literature that will leave everyone who visits us speechless.

Decorative candle with stopper

Corks from certain types of beverages can be turned into small decorative candles in the living room or bedroom. In addition, they are very simple to make. Fill them with wax, put a small wick on them and let them rest. However, always be careful that they cannot burn anything around them.

Hanger with old tools

These tools will always help us with some tasks at home. However, some are so old that we have replaced them with more technology. To avoid wasting them, fold them and stick them on a wooden surface to get some hangers. In this way, you will achieve a useful and rustic decoration.

Lamp with old bulb

Thanks to its fine glass, the bulb has a very elegant touch and is perfect for decoration. For starters, if you have some old ones, take them off the top, fill them with oil or water, and put a wick on them.

Jewelry boxes with plastic bottles

The flower shape at the bottom of most plastic bottles can be used to make beautiful multi-layer jewelry boxes.

I hope that with these ideas to recycle you can contribute your grain of sand for the conservation and care of the environment.

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