Problems with hybrid cars

hybrid cars

A hybrid car is a type of vehicle that uses two engines, one traditional thermal engine and the other electric, to operate. As a result, if a breakdown were to occur, complications could arise with both the combustion engine, normally powered by gasoline, and the high-voltage battery that powers the electric motor.

In this article we are going to tell you which are the main hybrid car problems and how they are solved.

Popularity of hybrid cars

hybrid car problems

One of the notable advantages of hybrid cars is their lower need for maintenance, especially compared to combustion cars, especially those that run on diesel. Furthermore, the thermal component of hybrid cars is known for its reliability. As a result, Most problems usually arise in the electric motor system.

The popularity of hybrid cars continues to grow as an increasing number of people opt for these vehicles. Its exceptional performance, features and remarkably low failure rate are driving this trend. In Europe, Demand for hybrid cars increased up to 7,5% between 2020 and 2021.

The statistics speak for themselves: opting for a hybrid vehicle can save maintenance costs up to 80% in ten years compared to a diesel car, and up to 90% compared to a traditional internal combustion vehicle.

To prevent common problems that may arise with your hybrid car, it is essential to know the most common problems and how to solve them.

What are the typical breakdowns experienced by hybrid cars?

hybrid vehicle

Hybrid cars not only contribute to the preservation of the environment through their eco-driving capabilities, but also offer a comprehensive warranty on each component, making them an exceptional choice for transportation.

Although hybrid vehicles are known for their durability, are not immune to harm. Let's see what its main faults are:

The service connector

The act of refueling can cause the connector to become extremely hot, leading to possible failure of this component. A failure of this type has a direct impact on its operation and can even cause combustion.

To avoid this undesirable result, it is advisable to periodically replace the component during routine inspections or at the first sign of malfunction. In doing so, you will be able to effectively prevent deterioration and avoid possible interruptions.

Problems with electrical wiring

Once hybrid cars surpass the 60.000 kilometer mark, there is a possibility of electrical failure, which may even cause burns. However, if the mileage does not reach this critical point, and considering that this problem is quite common, the cost and complexity of fixing it is relatively low.

If you detect any malfunction, you need to take your vehicle to a professional immediately. Failure to do so can have detrimental effects on the battery, requiring costly replacement of the entire electrical system.

Fault in the gearbox associated with the inverter

Although the occurrence of this fault is very unlikely, cannot be completely ruled out. What's more, it is the most feared scenario. The inverter gearbox encompasses two essential components of the vehicle. These components are the starter motor and the alternator.

The collective functioning of the three components is essential to generate energy. If any of them malfunction, It would have a direct impact on the overall operation and performance of the vehicle.

Tips to prevent breakdowns in hybrid cars

hybrid engines

To avoid possible malfunctions, it is essential to carry out periodic inspections. Carrying out proactive maintenance is the method by which you can guarantee that each element of the vehicle is in impeccable condition.

Ensuring optimal performance from your hybrid vehicle depends on following this last tip. Constantly monitoring and maintaining it will prevent a multitude of problems from arising.

To ensure your hybrid car stays in top condition, there are several key factors to consider:

  • By adhering to the deadlines specified in the car manual, you can effectively avoid any potential damage or inconvenience that may occur. arise from not changing the battery and performing battery maintenance at the recommended intervals.
  • Control of the cooling system is of utmost importance, as it directly affects the vehicle's susceptibility to overheating. Keeping a close eye on it, even while using the air conditioner, significantly reduces the likelihood of electrical wiring and battery failure.
  • Another point to consider, which is related to the battery, is the importance of maintaining a clean space between the radiator and the water condenser. This practice helps lower temperatures and prevent possible damage.
  • Choosing to rent a hybrid car is the most favorable option for those looking to drive an ecological vehicle.

Renting hybrid cars

With the leasing system, you have the option of selecting a car that perfectly suits your preferences and financial situation. Through monthly payments, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle for a period of 2 to 5 years. At the end of this contracted period, you can make the decision to buy the car or exchange it for a different model.

The growing number of people choosing car leasing is attributed to the wide selection of modern vehicles available, as well as the absence of entry fees or excessive down payments typically associated with purchasing or financing a car.

A factor that increasingly tips the balance towards renting is the inclusion of maintenance and repair costs in the monthly payments, which is an important advantage.

In the event that your hybrid car experiences a malfunction, you have the facility to contact the rental company to receive guidance on the specific repair center you should visit, as long as the breakdown was not caused by improper use of the vehicle. The cost of repairs and spare parts is already covered within your monthly payment, so you will not have to make any additional payment. In addition, your rental rate includes comprehensive insurance coverage without any excess, as well as registration, MOT and all other expenses associated with the vehicle, excluding fuel, tolls and fines.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the problems of hybrid cars and how to solve them.

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