Homemade Christmas decorations

homemade christmas decorations

Christmas is coming for everyone and it is essential to know how to save at home on Christmas decorations. It is important to learn to do homemade christmas decorations that can decorate your home while reducing the consumption of products, reducing the impact on the environment and saving a few euros at the end of the month. Creativity has no limits and for this reason it is convenient to exploit it.

For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you how to make homemade Christmas decorations to decorate your house at the lowest possible cost and contributing to the protection of the environment.

Homemade Christmas decorations made of paper

Christmas decorations at home

The simplest, paper. We all have paper in our house. Gift wrap, cardboard or even old magazines. On the one hand, with enough cardboard, we can make beautiful Christmas trees. We just have to paste these cards with the gift paper that we keep. In this way we can find a beautiful centerpiece for a side table in a dining room or at the entrance of the house.

Another option that we particularly like is to use old magazines. Decorating with letters has never been so easy and beautiful. Cut the leaves and make a variety of ornaments, which can be pretty stars, hearts, or even slightly more complex shapes, like reindeer. If you want these decorations to be a little more rigid, you can use a cardboard base and cover it with magazine paper.

DIY Christmas decorations with cork

Cork is another material that lends itself well to the world of DIY. First, you can take a small sheet of cork to make a nice ornament. Snow gloves, hat or boots and jersey. Decorate them with white or silver paint. You can make from crowns to decorate your Christmas gifts.

On the other hand, wine corks can also be useful. In this case, you will also need the typical fir or pine cones. The cork will serve as the trunk and the green painted pineapple will be the crown of this special Christmas tree. Don't forget to put a nice star on them.

Homemade Christmas decorations with clothespins

Christmas decorations

If there is something that we all have in our house but that we surely do not know how to use (outside of normal use), it is the clothespins. Well, with these tweezers we can do many things. For example, you can make a beautiful and alternative Christmas wreath to decorate the door of your house. Don't forget to color them. You can make them in green or any other color you like.

Another fun option is to split the clothespins into two parts and create beautiful snowflake-shaped creations. It may seem complicated, but it is not. Decorating a Christmas tree is not difficult and the results can be quite fun.

Homemade Christmas decorations with wire

Wire is another fun material to use when making Christmas crafts. With enough wire, we can make beautiful things. We can make the outline of a pretty star and decorate it with some green twigs. Putting it on the door will make the quintessential Christmas wreath go down in the history books.

The versatility of this material allows us to even make a large Christmas tree by making circles with rigid wire. Hang a different decoration from each branch and bring Christmas to your table.

Preparing decorations with children

homemade christmas decorations with kids

There is no school in the middle of the Christmas holidays, so it brings a lot of free time. This forces us to plan well for them so that the children do not get bored and your holidays do not become desperate. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare homemade Christmas decorations together with our children. In addition to being an ideal activity for a day at home, crafts can teach children a lot. Between them, they help them develop manual and motor skills, for example, when they cut and paste with their hands. They also teach them to be more patient...

But they are also great tools for working on self-esteem. Thanks to crafts, the child can face and achieve the proposed objectives. Of course, We must always value their work and make them see that nothing they do is punctual.

One important thing to keep in mind: once we decide which craft we want to recommend to our children, we better be familiar with what we intend to teach them through this exercise. We must always be clear that crafts must reach their abilities according to their age. If we ask them something more difficult and they cannot solve it, the only thing we can do is please them in this activity, as the saying goes: the remedy is worse than the disease.

If decorating the house is a great idea for you and your children are the best interior decorators you can trust, get down to work, making these crafts from recycled items if possible. In addition to creating, you will teach children the importance of recycling.

snow globe with paper

It's as simple as taking a note, folding it, and hanging a string from the top. On the rope, before we will add a jewelery ball.

Balls made from recycled bottles

We can make many tree balls using only empty plastic bottles. To do this, we will cut the bottom of the bottle and fill it with pellets. On the other hand, we will cut the lower half of the other and we will put a rope in the upper half. Then we will connect the two with a tape and that's it.

decorative socks

Cutting and coloring Christmas stockings is the perfect activity. Then we will connect them all with a rope and we will put our best guardian: Santa Claus. To do it we will use cardboard and cotton to make the beard.

paper bell

To make them, you just need to cut a piece of cardboard and glue it in the middle, simulating a bell. Then we will put some jewelry balls and finally we will have an ornament on top as a leaf.

Snowman with badges

The caps of the glass bottles that we carry in the bar become fun snowmen to hang on our tree.

Flowers with bottle bottoms

This time we plan to make a lot of flowers using only the bottom of the plastic bottle.

flowers with paste

Are macaroni just for eating? Now with a bit of liquid silicone and paint of the color that we want, They could also be perfect decorations for our Christmas tree.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about preparing homemade Christmas decorations.

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