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ways to make home air conditioner

Surely using an air conditioner is something that not everyone can afford. Not only because of the installation, but also because of the high electrical consumption it entails. However, not all of us can handle the horrible heat of the summer to be able to have an air conditioner at home. If there is no other option, here we are going to give some tips to make a home air conditioner. It is quite affordable for everyone and nothing complicated to do.

If you want to know how to make a home air conditioner, this is your post.

Home air conditioner

home air conditioner

Keep in mind that this rear air conditioner is not going to compete with a professional appliance, but it does help a lot to cool a small room at home. Electrical appliances consume a large amount of energy and are recommended not to exceed the street temperature by 12 degrees. Today's small increase cannot have an air outlet of about 3-4 degrees. It is a temperature that can cool a more or less small room for 30 minutes. It is also good to remember that if you have an air conditioner it is not necessary to drop below 25 degrees to be comfortable in any part of the house.

Let's see what are the materials needed to build the home air conditioner:

  • Expanded polystyrene foam boxes: It is a foamed plastic material that will serve as the base.
  • Medium-sized desktop fan. It can be the typical ventilated pluggable both to electricity and to the computer by wiring.
  • Two plastic tubes
  • Ice bags
  • Aluminum lining
  • Batteries or batteries (in the case where the fan does not have a plug)
  • American insulating tape
  • Cutter

How to build the home air conditioner

ice for refrigeration

Once we know what the materials are, we are going to see what the step by step to build the home air conditioning. First of all you have to pay attention to the box of the expanded polystyrene foam. You have to make sure that it is the same foamed plastic material that they use to send frozen fish to establishments, for example. The box must have an adjustable lid and some measures so that it can hold at least one medium-sized bag of ice inside.

You can also make a homemade air conditioning box out of a plastic box as long as it has a lid. You can cover the inside of the box with aluminum to increase the insulating effect. This step is totally optional and is only done to increase its performance a little. Use the duct tape to filter the aluminum to the edges of it. It is intended to make the box as insulating and waterproof as possible so that the effect of home air conditioning is greater.

We can also use a beach or camping cooler that has its own insulating material to be able to refrigerate food for longer. Once the box has been conditioned, we will proceed to connect both the fan and the two plastic tubes. To do this, we must use a knife and cut a hole in the lid of the EPS box. It is recommended that the hole be made in one side of the lid and not in the middle and that it has the same size as the cage that covers the fan blades. You can adjust the size of the fan to the hole to increase its performance.

Remember that it is the fan that must push the air into the box and that the cable or plug remains on the outside. After that, they made several more holes in the side faces of the box. It is convenient to make these holes in the part opposite to the hole of the fan. These holes must be the size of the tubes so that they can fit perfectly.

Placing the air conditioner

cooling fan

The fan and tubes must be placed in their corresponding sockets. After that, we use the insulating tape to cover the junction between the fan and the tubes with the respective holes that we have made. In this way, we ensure that the box does not let any air escape through the crevices of the holes. It only lets air out through the slits in the tubes.

Once we have reached this step, we will practically have our home air conditioning system ready to start. You just need to put a bag of ice inside the box. It is advisable not to reach the box too much since if too many ice bags sometimes can affect the air outlet and its power. We can increase the capacity of our home air conditioning by placing the box at a certain height so that the air is distributed throughout the rest of the house. We know that colder air tends to descend because it is denser. This means that, if we place our home air conditioning in the upper part of the house, the air will be better distributed throughout the rest of the room.

This is the most professional and effective way to make a home air conditioner and it has become quite popular with all those who want to save on their bill and reduce pollution to the environment. It is best to try this type of home refrigeration before spending a hot summer night. Of course, it is not the only way to make this type of device, but there are quite a few others.

By circuit

One of the possible variants to make a home air conditioning is per circuit. Let's see what materials are needed:

  • Meter and a half of copper tube
  • Two meters of plastic tube
  • A cork bucket or cooler
  • Water and ice
  • Plastic clips
  • An aquarium pump
  • A fan

We just have to place the copper tube on the back of the fan and since the air is sucked from here. We split the plastic tube in two and connect a tube to the outlet of the copper tube. One of them is connected to the aquarium pump and the other is placed in the bottom of the bucket.

We fill the bucket with water and ice and connect the pump and fan. In just a matter of minutes the air coming out of the fan will be much colder.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to make a home air conditioner.

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