Felt, an ecological material

The trend in the use of Ecological materials grows day by day as a way to reduce the environmental impact of the products we use daily.

El felt it is one of the new materials that is becoming popular. This is a cloth that has the characteristic that it is not woven but is made with wool fibers that are joined by means of steam and pressure.

This material is beginning to achieve greater interest from artisans, entrepreneurs for the manufacture of different products.

Felt is cheap and easy to make, it is ecological and organic because already manufactured fibers are recycled, it is 100% recyclable y biodegradable so it does not easily become waste.

In addition, the felt saves energy in its production and has qualities such as durability, antistatic, thermal and acoustic insulation. For this reason it is used for the manufacture of multiple products.

You can buy the felt in various colors to make different elements. Some of the products that can be made with felt are: bags, cases, handicrafts, sneakers, pins and other fashion accessories, clothing, rugs, purses, cell phone cases, pillows, among many others.

Workshops are offered to learn how to make this material as well as products that can be made with it. There are also several books that offer information on this novel and ecological material.

Using products made of felt is an ecological alternative to other polluting and difficult-to-recycle products such as plastic.

In addition, it will be collaborating with small producers who make different products by hand.

As consumers we can choose ecological materials in the products we buy and in this way support those who bet on sustainable design.

We can all help to improve the environment even when we acquire an object.