Environmental influencers

environmental influencers

In the enormous field of social networks and the media, numerous individuals express their points of view, contemplations and desires to participate. However, it is imperative to discern that not all information is reliable and not all resources have the same appeal for those who are not familiar or lack extensive knowledge on the subject. Therefore, following certain environmental influencers It can be a good idea to learn about climate change and the current situation of our planet.

Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you which are the best environmental influencers, what they do and what their level of influence is when it comes to learning about the environment.

Environmental influencers

environmental influencers

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall. She was one of the first people to effectively reach a wide audience, spreading the imperative message of environmental conservation. Through The book of hope, managed to persuade numerous people about our collective potential to combat climate change. His innovative efforts deserve recognition in this category, as his book continues to have immense relevance and significance.

Greta Thunberg


Greta Thunberg, once in the spotlight and a prominent figure in climate activism, appears to have faded from public consciousness as her initial wave of success subsided. However, Many may not know or remember your current efforts. Through its initiative called Fridays for Future and its active presence on social media platforms, it continues to provide valuable resources and articulate explanations about the pressing environmental issues affecting our world.

vanessa nakate

Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda, first came onto the scene in 2018, using banners to advocate for climate action in her home country. Since then, has become one of the prominent young leaders championing the Sustainable Development Goals. Nakate's impactful work has shed light on the unequal distribution of climate change impacts across regions and continents, emphasizing the influence of colonization and other systemic injustices on people's ability to respond effectively.

Rewa Assi

Rewa Assi, an esteemed agricultural engineer from Lebanon, is a prominent figure in the global agriculture arena. The challenges posed by climate change have had a profound impact on Lebanon and the surrounding region. While he does not participate widely on social media platforms, Assi's contributions within international institutions demand attention. His unwavering dedication to water preservation and his insightful perspective on looming environmental crises make his voice invaluable, particularly in his advocacy for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Rollie Williams

Rollie Williams, known as Climate Town, is an influencer who provides comedic yet informative videos about the latest climate events. Through her dynamic and concise videos, has established itself as a reliable source for understanding pressing ecosocial issues that prevail in Western societies.

Xiye Bastida

One individual who stands out as a prominent advocate for indigenous rights and environmental activism is Xiye Bastida. Coming from the Otomi-Toltec community of central Mexico, this young activist has made important contributions to the cause. In addition to his academic activities, Bastida She is the author of multiple chapters in various publications and is a sought-after speaker. Through its social media platforms, it constantly disseminates crucial information about the indigenous community's ongoing battle against climate change.

Luisa Neubauer

Luisa Neubauer, a leading figure in the global youth and climate movement, has become a powerful activist, writer and speaker in Germany. She is a product of the organization founded by Greta Thunberg, which has not only sparked a global movement but also has given rise to numerous notable activists. Neubauer has played a pivotal role in propelling the movement in his country to unprecedented levels of impact and influence.

Charlotte Bruna

Carlota Bruna is a dedicated climate activist who has been actively involved in raising awareness on climate issues for several years. Through her shocking videos on social media, has obtained recognition as Ambassador of the EU Climate Pact. His profile covers a wide range of topics, including updates on environmental conservation and wildlife preservation efforts, as well as valuable recommendations for maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

Javier Peña

javier peña

Javier Peña, the renowned influencer and environmental activist, has completely transformed the field of scientific communication with his renowned videos presented on the ¡Esperanza! platform. Through this innovative platform that he created, A host of climate and ecological science experts join forces to inspire people to move beyond climate anxiety (also known as ecoanxiety) to take meaningful climate action.

Climate Vanguard

A rapidly emerging force in the area of ​​climate action and sustainability in Europe is the platform known as Climate Vanguard. Founded by two passionate students, this platform has quickly established itself as a leading source of information and discussion due to its engaging format and compelling content. It has quickly gained traction within the crucial discourse surrounding these pressing issues.


Blondie is a biologist and content creator with Instagram and TikTok accounts where she shares information and tips to be more environmentally friendly in all aspects of your lifestyle. From ecological recipes for alternatives to cosmetics, to tips to avoid certain products, foods and a lot of inspiring images of nature.

Quantum Fracture

Crespo is a physics graduate who has been publishing content on YouTube about the scientific method for years and explaining the most complex physics in the most fun and simple way possible. As a good physicist, He knows a lot about the climate and its changes, which he explains in a simple and interesting way in the video.

Maria Black

María Negro is a young influencer with more than 20.000 followers and founder of ConsumeconCoco, a sustainable brand project that educates about responsible consumption. Don't miss their Instagram where you will find information about their publications, presentations, sustainable living, ecological trends and lots of daily inspiration to help your community make the planet a better place.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the best environmental influencers and their impact.

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