Tidal energy, the future of renewable energy

Tidal energy

Faced with the scarcity of natural resources and the new climatic demands, the tidal energies They represent today a considerable energy potential. Certainly many marine energy technologies are still in their experimental stage, but they hold a lot of promise for the future in terms of constant and predictable energy production. Tidal energy, for example, is one of the most advanced marine subsidiaries from a technical point of view, and little by little it is developing in many countries until it becomes a sustainable and complementary alternative to energies renewable intermittent.

Exploit the stability of ocean currents

La tidal energy It is a marine renewable energy produced from marine currents, which does not pollute and does not produce waste. The energy of the tides transforms the kinetic energy of the marine currents into electricity, in the same way that the wind transforms the energy of the wind.

This volumetric mass makes it possible to produce energy with very low rotational speeds and a constant and predictable current speed. The energy of the currents caused by the tides it can be particularly strong in certain places on the planet near coasts, straits, headlands or estuaries, for example, thus representing a significant source of energy.

In a context of scarcity of fuels fossils, the exploitation of marine currents offers perspectives that are adapted to the new objectives of sustainable development and energy transition.

La tidal energy It gives a glimpse of the first fruits of a production that is both stable and predictable, exploiting the power of water through a reversible turbine. In this way, the rise and fall of the tides is used. It is a promising technology with very little environmental cost thanks to the high performance of its facilities and a production more predictable and relatively constant. The regularity of currents and tides should be compared with intermittent renewable energies, such as solar energy or wind energy.

Certainly, if the investment costs in exploitation related to the marine environment may be higher, the impact on the environment of tidal energy is practically minimal. Have little visual impactThey are silent and implanted outside of fishing areas.

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  1.   jose castle said

    Better still that the energy of the tides is that of the waves that are more constant, I have the technology for this, what collaboration can I provide?