Crafts with recycled materials

crafts with recycled materials

There are numerous ways to take advantage of the materials that we are not going to use again. One of them is to do crafts with recycled materials. It is a craft is easy is that they allow you to save in these most economically difficult times. In addition, we can make crafts with recycled materials at home without having to buy anything and with the help of our family and friends.

In this article we are going to tell you which are the best crafts with recycled materials and how you should do them.

Crafts with recycled materials

lamp with bottle

If you want to make good savings at home, it is best to make crafts with recycled materials. It is a fairly inexpensive way to make home furnishings made by ourselves. In addition, this style helps us to adapt it to our tastes. We can also create some pretty practical and useful utensils for the home. If we add to all this that we make crafts with recycled materials, we will also be saving money and reducing the environmental impact that we produce.

You will surely have glass bottles, old newspapers, etc. That we do nothing but throw them into the container. Thanks to the ideas that we are going to give you, you can give these materials a second life.

Crafts with recycled materials to decorate the house

craft ideas with recycled materials

Let's see what are the main crafts with recycled materials that we can do to decorate our home. These crafts They are quite simple, easy on the eyes, and very inexpensive. In fact, you can change the general appearance of your house several times without spending a lot of money. Let's see what these crafts are.

Lamps with plastic bottles

It is one of the simplest, most functional crafts that integrates the creativity of each person in the style that is going to be created. In addition, it helps to dress all the corners of your house with enough style without having to spend money. Not only do we save money but we also help the environment by giving the plastic bottle a second life.

The first thing to do is paint the bottle the color you want and add the screen to the game. Nor is it the only material with which lamps can be created. It can also be made with tin pots, beer cans or soda cans. To make these lamps you only need to be empty, a drill to make holes, the necessary paint and the lights that come in a chain. These lights are the same as those used for Christmas trees.

Shelves, puzzles, reels and lamps

Recycled tires are one of the most abundant waste in urban areas. You probably have some old tires on hand and you can make a rather original shelf with them. This shelf is perfect to place in a garage or for the child's room. With just a tire, some wooden boards and some DIY skill you can have your bookshelf. You can leave the color natural or paint it with different colors.

Surely you have lost a puzzle in the drawers with missing pieces or you have already done it several times. It can be used to get very attractive designs. These designs also have a multitude of applications. For example, you can create figures such as an ideal crown for the Christmas tree.

We can also recycle the spools of thread that have been used for many years during sewing. With the threads you can make numerous crafts such as decorative pictures for home.

Kitchen drainers and graters can also be used to make crafts with recycled materials. These utensils have a few uses other than grating cheese and other vegetables. They can be perfect for creating lamps and they look quite charming. You can do the same with the kitchen drainer and other utensils. You just have to place the utensils on the ceiling and a light bulb inside. It will have quite a striking effect.

Crafts with recycled materials: take advantage of old objects

decoration with light bulbs

The flowerpots are something that is left over in any house that has indoor plants or gardens. It is not the first time that you are going to see a light bulb put in a flower pot. For this, we will use already worn out bulbs that are old of the ones that have filaments. These bulbs are completely obsolete but can be given a second life. The materials we need to make a pot with light bulbs are the following: light bulb, pliers and hot silicone. This last material is totally optional.

The first thing we must do is to remove the bulb cap and for this we will use the pliers. Once we have opened the bulb, we remove the central piece that has the black color. Usually this central piece is located in the upper part of the castle. When we have removed it, we will give it several cuts with the same pliers to be able to break this small piece of glass. The piece is the one in charge of holding the filaments that we are going to use. Perhaps this is the most difficult part was crafts since you have to be very sensitive with this area. It is a delicate piece and if we hit too hard we can break the whole bulb.

When we have broken the central piece of the glass we try to eliminate the entire perimeter of the circle. This is how we can remove all possible peaks that have been fixed after the blow. With the part rotated inwards, it will remain together with the filaments inside the bulb. Now it's time to get them out. The best way to put the bulb is upside down and take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the entire glass of the bulb both inside and outside.

If we want the bulb to stand, we must take a silicone gun and place several globs at the bottom. We can also use these self-adhesive silicone tears. The last step is to place the flowers inside and you can put natural plants with a little water or cloth or imitations of plastic plants. If you want to hang it, we only need a cotton cord to wrap it around the cap and put it in the corner of the room.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about some of the best crafts with recycled materials.

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