Coal energy and its consequences as an energy source

Coal energy

Coal energy has been the main source for decades for the generation of electricity and therefore is the main culprit of environmental air pollution and climate change.

Buthow coal energy affects the environment and what are its consequences for all of us? Let's see it.

Environmental impact of coal power

Plant to generate energy from coal

Plants electricity whose base is coal to generate energy, they pollute like thousands of tons per year of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances.

In the US alone there are 600 coal-fired power plants and in the world there are thousands of plants that use coal as an energy source, which explains the rapid environmental deterioration and quality of life of a large part of the world's populations.

It is the most polluting of fuels not only because of the tons of carbon dioxide but also because of other highly toxic substances such as mercury, soot, among others that are emitted into the atmosphere. These emissions produce serious consequences on the health of the populations that are in the vicinity of these plants.

Coal power weaknesses


One of the weaknesses of coal to produce electricity is its low energy efficiency since it is calculated that only at most 35% of the total coal is used that is used.

But why is it still being used despite such negative aspects? The answer is simple, it is abundant since there are large reserves and it is cheaper to extract and process it than other clean and renewable sources, in addition, old plants are still used without making any extra investment.

In some countries this activity is subsidized, which discourages its conversion towards renewable energies such as Energy sources.

The future of coal power

To stop the climate change and environmental degradation it is vital that the construction of coal-based plants be stopped and that they are gradually replaced by other sources of energy since their environmental consequences are terrible.

Coal energy is the main culprit alongside oil combustion of global environmental pollution and the person responsible for the imbalance of the planet whose consequences are beginning to be visualized.

Every oil plant that is inaugurated or kilo of coal that is extracted is bad news for those who are concerned about the environment. Surely the future passes by stop using coal energy in our day to day and bet, increasingly, on renewable energy sources.

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  1.   Andr said

    ALL energies have consequences and coal must be one of the few in which solutions have been sought to improve efficiency all the time as well as the effects on the environment.

    They could already learn the hydroelectric plants and their damage to the ecosystem

  2.   Eloi said

    ALL energies have consequences and coal must be one of the ones that generates the most environmental impact. Energy must be promoted on a small scale and in a distributed way: mini-hydro, mini-wind, solar panels at home, etc. and stop building large electricity generation parks.

  3.   camila andrea gabilan muñoz said

    What consequences will it bring to continue using oil and coal as a source of classical energy?

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