Sustainable development

In June 1992, at the first Earth Summit, organized by the United Nations, the term "sustainable development" was enshrined.

What is gray energy

Gray energy is often spoken of to demonstrate the environmental impact of a product.

The life span of waste in nature

Disposing of waste in nature has many consequences that we do not know how to measure at all ... and it is that they usually last longer than we think until they are destroyed.

Make the water less polluted

While it is true that industries or farmers are often accused of polluting water, private users also have their share of responsibility.

Benefits of recycling oil

When we pour cooking oil or car oil down the sink, we are causing damage to the seas and oceans as it forms a waterproof film that blocks the passage of the sun and the exchange of oxygen from marine life.

Wooden bracelet watch

Ecological watches are a great option if we are interested in taking care of the environment

Organic waste can make good homemade compost

Organic waste can be recycled into compost or compost to be used as fertilizers for our plants. Small compost bins are marketed on the market with which, in a simple way, we can produce compost.

Books in the library, use of the e-book

Production of printed books pollutes the environment

The production of printed books goes through processes that pollute the environment and for its production it is necessary to cut down millions of trees a year. The electronic book e-book is a greener alternative.

Clean points

What can we take to the clean points

The Clean Points are places distributed in all the cities of Spain where you can take waste that should not be left in the containers because it is very dangerous for the environment.

Rainwater harvesting

How to take advantage of rainwater

Rainwater can be useful for various uses at home, you can collect it and channel it to reduce the consumption of drinking water at home, helping the environment.

Eco-friendly printers

Printing on paper continues to be of concern to the environment. In addition to savings campaigns, companies are trying to develop technologies that allow them to use less paper and ink.

H&M presents ecological clothing collection

Organic fabrics for a more sustainable fashion

Fashion joins the car of ecology to make pieces of clothing made with ecological materials such as organic cotton whose cultivation is carried out with respect for health, the environment and human rights.

Biodegradable polystyrene

Oil has multiple applications, one of the most used is to make polystyrene foam, a widely used product ...

Blue Energy

The concept of blue energy is quite unknown to many people, but it refers to an alternative energy source ...

The benefits of biogas

Biogas is an ecological way to generate gas. It is produced by the decomposition of waste or organic matter. The…

Ecological lighting

Technology advances and more efficient and ecological products appear, such as lighting with LED lamps….