Biodegradable products can also contaminate

Many people concerned about the the environment they try to buy biodegradable products since they consider that they will not have a negative environmental impact, but this is not always the case.

A biodegradable product must be able to degrade in 1 year but it needs certain conditions for this to happen correctly, such as the place where it is thrown away has it oxygen in order to start the degradation process.

On the other hand, if a biodegradable product is discarded in a landfill without oxygen as it happens in landfills degrades, but producing methane, a highly polluting gas and one of those responsible for the global warming.

El methane gas that is produced by the degradation of waste can be used and generate energy but if it is released into the atmosphere it pollutes.

In most of the landfills this methane is not captured so they produce great environmental pollution.

Obviously it is better to consume and use biodegradable products but this is not enough, it is necessary to demand that these residues be treated correctly so that they do not contaminate the same.

The bad waste management it is very polluting and this reality occurs all over the world since they are buried or burned and this generates a significant release of toxins and dangerous gases into the atmosphere.

Biodegradable products must be deposited in places where they can be composted and do not release methane.

It is important that as consumers we try to reduce the use of plastic products, bags even if they are 100% biodegradable, but also demand that the authorities carry out proper waste management to avoid contamination of them.

We must all work together to reduce the amount of waste on the planet and to participate in recovering most of them so that they are later recycled or degraded in an appropriate way.


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