Best websites and apps to see the hours of light and shadows anywhere

Best websites and apps to see the hours of light and shadows anywhere

A common question when considering buying or renting a house is the amount of natural light and sun it will receive throughout the day. Traditionally, one would rely on the orientation of the house to evaluate this information. However, today there are modern tools that allow us to accurately determine the exact amount of sunlight our house will receive at any given time, both daily and annually.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you which are the best websites and apps to see the hours of light and shadows anywhere.

Needs of the real estate industry

shadows on the street

A notable tool called Cercalia RealState, created by Nexus Geographics, offers the ability to replicate the movements of the sun in any given area. By using this platform, we can accurately predict the lighting and shadow patterns that a particular property will experience throughout the day. This invaluable tool is truly a wonder for people looking for a home with their preferred orientation.

This is an incredible resolution to address the needs of the real estate industry. Salvador Carbó, director of Cercalia at Nexus Geographics, describes the history in which his company was founded in 1997 as "a historic player in the GIS industry." With offices in both Barcelona and Gerona, this company has a team of just over 60 people and plans to exceed a turnover of four million euros next year.

Their resolution proposals address both the public and private spheres, and they were pioneers in introducing "our own Google Maps." Interestingly, the initial iteration dates back to 2002 and Cercalia was subsequently established with a primary focus on addressing logistical challenges.


In today's world, the platform and mapping solution offered by Cercalia, a discipline that is at risk of disappearing, has become much more important. It now handles approximately 15 million requests per day. According to Carbó, the main emphasis is on logistics. For example, Envialia uses Cercalia to optimize its routes. In addition, Interfacom, an important technology group in the taxi sector, trusts in this platform for its GEO functionalities.

Another key area of ​​focus is insurance companies. Carbó highlighted that Cercalia offers a unique system to locate roads and kilometer points, which is crucial when sending cranes to problem areas. This system works in Spain, France and Portugal and is not even available on Google Maps.

One aspect that stands out is the company's emphasis on the real estate sector. Cercalia RealState has successfully addressed an important market need by giving customers the ability to determine the presence of direct light and shadows in their homes.

The company offers a variety of options, including high-cost solutions like Google Maps (which Carbó describes as "the most expensive"), as well as cheaper alternatives like Here and Mapbox (which are more affordable if they don't have high usage). . In addition, they also offer free solutions, such as OpenStreetMaps.

According to the manager, Cercalia is not only a more profitable option compared to Here or Mapbox, but it also offers a fixed annual rate that aims to meet the needs of its clients. Speaking of which, the garden in question has abundant sunlight until 5 pm, making it an ideal place for pleasant gatherings with friends.

Best websites and apps to see the hours of light and shadows anywhere


As part of the effort in the real estate sector, they have developed a platform that allows users to access a demo directly from their web browser. This innovative tool allows users to explore any location in the country and obtain a comprehensive aerial perspective. Besides, Users have the option to activate the “Solar Lighting” function, improving their viewing experience.

Through this action, we will observe the various ways in which the sun's shadows are projected in various urban places. The level of precision in the representation of the buildings is truly surprising, but what is even more remarkable is that as we navigate through different points in time, the shadows cast in various areas of the map move with absolute precision and in time. real. This result is truly surprising due to the aforementioned precision and the perfect adaptation to the path of lights and shadows, which They also adapt perfectly to the different seasons of the year.

We are free to select any specific day and time, and the representation will still be faithfully accurate. Although certain elements such as trees are not taken into account and there are some limitations, efforts are already being made to address a major concern in the real estate market: Determine the average number of hours of light that an apartment receives each day.

Customers in the sector who request it will have access to this function later, which undoubtedly makes it one of the outstanding features of a truly groundbreaking platform for those looking to buy or rent a home and consider the crucial aspect of orientation.



It is worth noting that Cercalia is not the only provider of this type of service. They have also recently talked about Shadowmap, a mobile application that also has a web version and offers functionality similar to that proposed by Cercalia RealState. Additionally, there is a demo called F4Map that serves a similar purpose, although it may not be as customizable.


Sun Surveyor, a mobile application accessible on iOS and Android, arouses curiosity in this regard. While it primarily caters to filmmakers and photographers, there is competition in this field, exemplified by alternatives such as 'The Photographer's Ephemeris' or Sun Intervals, which specialize to a certain extent. However, Cercalia's offering stands out above all for its impressive "shadowless" mapping service. It's truly remarkable how this tool can serve as a practical (and fun) means of locating a home with optimal orientation.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the best websites and apps to see the hours of light and shadows anywhere.

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