beautiful flowers of the world

beautiful flowers of the world to decorate

It is difficult to list the beautiful flowers of the world of different types because they all have their own little things that make them unique and beautiful. Whether because of their smell, shape or color, flowers enrich our environment. And, in many cases, they tend to play relevant roles in many cultures and societies around the world. Do you want to decorate your garden with the beautiful flowers of the world?

In this article we show you what are the beautiful flowers in the world to be able to decorate your garden or your home in the best possible way.

beautiful flowers of the world

beautiful flowers of the world


Sunflowers are herbaceous plants of the Compositae family, native to North America. These are annual plants that die shortly after the flowers fade. There are about 70 species of sunflowers, and they all share similar characteristics. Among some species, we can mention the phyllostachys sunflower, the Maximilian sunflower, the Triumph of Ghent sunflower or the Jerusalem artichoke.

In addition to planting for sunflower oil, sunflowers are also a great choice for decorating your garden.


The chrysanthemum is native to Asia and has important political, social and cultural value. They also often adorn cemeteries around the world. yese consider a seasonal plant because their flowers wither and die when their blooming season is over. It is a luminous and very elegant flower that requires a lot of light to open, as well as a fresh and airy environment.

Bird from paradise

Native to South Africa, the bird of paradise is a flower that requires tropical and subtropical environments to grow. Each stem has about six flowers. It flowers in spring and needs hours of sunlight to develop.


Calendula is also known as Malawiera. It is one of the most decorative and showy flowers in the world and can be found in numerous gardens, parks and main streets around the world. For being a very resistant flower, it can adapt to different climates, from very cold to very dry. It stands out because its leaves close when it rains, which is why many people use it as a weather indicator.


Sowing the Camellia The camellia came to Europe from the Asian continent more than 4 centuries ago. Camellias display their beauty so faithfully that even when winter comes, their stems bloom with thick green leaves.


It is one of the most popular flowers in the world and in addition to its special shape, it is also an aquatic plant. Their leaves measure between 25 and 100 cm in diameter, while the flowers can reach 25 cm in diameter. Naturally, the lotus settled in the Volga delta, southern Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, eastern Siberia, China, Pakistan, Nepal, India, etc.


Dahlias are native to Mexico and are often said to represent passion. Its leaves bear large double flowers and a variety of colors. Its flowering occurs in early summer and continues until late autumn. The flowers are fragrant and require very special care, such as a certain amount of sun, protection from the wind, and well-nourished and hydrated soil.



Roses are native to Asia and grow on thorny bushes called rose bushes. They are known throughout the world and their main characteristic is their unmistakable aroma and arrangement of the petals. They are flowers of many colors. Possibly the most gifted person in the world.


Tulips are bulbous plants widely used to decorate gardens and other spaces, thanks to their incredible variety and ability to ensure flowering. One of their main characteristics is that they live on underground stems.

Their organs are adapted to conserve the water and nutrients necessary to survive in adverse conditions such as drought and heat, allowing them to lie dormant on the ground in little to no light. This reserve of nutrients allows her to restart a new flowering cycle when conditions are favorable again.

Flower of the Passion

Passiflora caerulea is a climbing tropical species native to the Americas. The passion fruit, however, has spread its fame amazingly around the world for its spectacular fruits and exotic flowers. The Passiflora quadrangularis variety is one of the most famous in Spain and the world. It produces passion fruit, a sour-tasting edible fruit that can grow up to 30 cm long.


It is a perennial herb native to Europe and North Africa. It is widely used for decorative and culinary purposes because it is edible. It is very resistant to mowing and is commonly found in gardens and lawns. It has diuretic, healing and expectorant properties.


For centuries, orchids have captivated the world with their beauty and many properties that make them unique in the plant kingdom. Although they preferentially develop in the tropics, they are found almost everywhere in the world. It is a very large family, in fact it is the richest family in species of the entire plant kingdom, Capable of growing both indoors and outdoors.

However, some orchids are easier to grow than others, and in many cases growing and maintaining them can be difficult. This is why its commercialization has become so expensive, since certain requirements must be met in order to be able to grow it successfully.



Lily, also known as lily, is a genus in the Liliaceae family with more than one hundred members. They are very beautiful and fragrant wildflowers, especially nocturnal wildflowers, and they come in a variety of colors. Some petals have small spots.

Bleeding heart

Its appearance is reminiscent of an open and bleeding heart, hence the name. It is a fairly common flower on the Asian continent, mainly in Russia and Japan, where the climate is mild and has some humidity. They bloom in spring and can reach a height of one and a half meters.


Many morning glory are considered weeds, capable of smothering other plants. In the wild, they are easy to find in rocky and very cold places. Only a few species are purposefully grown for their attractive blue, purple, and purple flowers.



Carnations are considered one of the most beautiful plants in the world. Originally from the Mediterranean, it is a plant that it blooms several times a year and varies in color from red, pink, white and yellow. One of its most widespread uses is as decoration for special events, mostly weddings. Along with roses, they are probably the most popular flowers in the world.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the beautiful flowers in the world to decorate your home.

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