Anti-mosquito geranium

anti-mosquito geranium flowers

One of the most annoying things in summer are mosquitoes. For those people who have a garden, it is usually even more annoying since mosquitoes will be in greater abundance. In these cases, one of the home remedies is to have a anti-mosquito geranium. These plants have the ability to keep mosquitoes away from your garden.

In this article we are going to tell you about the characteristics of the anti-mosquito geranium, its care and how it can help us to keep these insects away.

Key features

citronella leaves

Its scientific name is Pelargonium Citrodorum, although it is better known as mosquito geranium, lemon geranium or citronella geranium. It is a perennial herb that rarely exceeds half a meter in height and a similar width. Its thick green leaves are aesthetically appreciated and when cut they give off a strong smell reminiscent of lemon citrus or citronella, which is why it is also a powerful mosquito repellent.

Its flowers are even more beautiful than the leaves. They have five petals that grow in small clusters in shades ranging from pink to purple, with darker and more pronounced central petals. They form striking patterns that make them much more attractive.

The flowering season usually starts at the end of winter and can last until the end of summer, although as always it will depend on the exact temperature and climate. In cooler regions, flowering can take longer and extend beyond the beginning of summer, while in warmer regions it starts a few weeks earlier.

Where to place the anti-mosquito geranium

The mosquito geranium is easy to grow and its care is not too demanding. Regarding its location, this plant needs a well-lit and sunny place, although in very hot climates it is better to protect it from direct sunlight, especially in summer, which can be too much for the plant. If you're growing them outside, place them in a partially shaded area out of direct midday sun. If you're growing indoors, find a well-lit room near a window but out of direct sunlight. occasionally the plant It will appreciate it if you take it outside even for a while in the morning or afternoon when it's not too cold.

The plant should be kept in a well-ventilated place and, in terms of temperature, it does not tolerate frost for a long time. If the temperature stays below 0ºC for more than one night, you will have to take the geranium home or protect it with a thermal blanket.

Irrigation and substrate

anti-mosquito geranium

It requires very little water and does not tolerate excessive humidity, so it is essential to avoid wetting its leaves when watering or spraying it. The most common practice is to water approximately every three days in the warmer months, and once or twice a week in the cooler months, when the soil has dried and there has been no flooding. As is normal, young plants will need more watering over a period of time. It is very important that if it is in a pot, it has drainage holes and that water does not accumulate under the plate.

As for the substrate, what matters in the soil for this plant is that it provides the best drainage, since it cannot tolerate excessively humid or waterlogged conditions. A mix of equal parts coco coir, worm castings, and peat moss works well. As we always recommend, you can add vermiculite and perlite to improve water retention. During the warmer months, the plant will appreciate a monthly fertilization or organic matter to help it flourish.

Maintenance and reproduction

Between late winter and early spring, before flowering begins, it is recommended to prune lemon geraniums by shortening the stems to stimulate the growth of new shoots. Dried flowers and parts in poor condition must be removed immediately.

Regarding the multiplication, it is easier to reproduce the anti-mosquito geranium through cuttings. These are easy to root and can be done in the spring, summer, or fall. Cut the stems with some growing shoots or use the remains of spring pruning, remove the lower leaves and immediately insert the cuttings into the previous substrate mixture. Then you have to water abundantly the first time and place the plant in semi-shade, it will take root in a few weeks.

How does the anti-mosquito geranium work?

potted citronella

These plants emit an aroma that mosquitoes do not like, which keeps them away from the areas where they are found. Although mosquito geranium is effective at repelling mosquitoes, it is important to note that it is not foolproof. While it can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in a given area, it is not a complete mosquito control solution.

Mosquito geranium repels insects due to its strong lemon scent. This geranium releases oils called citronellol and geraniol. Its presence makes mosquitoes and some insects have to get out, since these two ingredients have very good antibacterial and bactericidal effects. It is a good mosquito repellent, but it can also be used on other insects. Insects such as flies, fleas, and ants are also affected by the smell of geranium. In addition to being pleasant, the smell of these plants attracts some beneficial insects, which can help brighten up your garden.

Contrary to what many people think, these geraniums are safe and have no negative effects on human health or the environment. Unlike commercial mosquito repellants that can contain harmful chemicals, mosquito geraniums They are a natural and environmentally friendly solution to repel these insects. which can become a real nuisance in the summer time.

In addition, the scent of mosquito geraniums is pleasant and can provide a pleasant fragrance in your home or garden. For many people, taking care of plants has therapeutic benefits for their emotional well-being.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the anti-mosquito geranium, its characteristics and care.

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