After 3 years, renewable energies grow again

renewable auction

According to INFORMA's DBK Sector Observatory, the installed potency accumulated of renewable energy at the end of 2016 I reached the 32.846 megawatts (+ 0,2%), maintaining the low growth trend of recent years.

Our wind installations constitute the main source of renewable energy, providing the 70,1% of installed power accumulated as of December 2016. Below are the facilities of Photovoltaic Solar Energy, which gathered the 14,2%, while the thermoelectric they assumed the 7%. The remaining 8,7% was distributed between hydraulic installations under the special regime and plants for the production of energy from biomass.

Renewable energy

In 2016 they worked 1.359 wind farms, with a total power of 23.026 megawatts. If we look at the solar, La installed potency accumulated registered a 0,3% growth in 2016, reaching 4.674 megawatts, spread over 61.386 plants connected to the network. For its part, the number of facilities in operation thermoelectric solar energy has remained stable since 2013, with a total of 51 plants with a total installed power of 2.300 megawatts.

Thermosolar energy

Our top ten companies in terms of installed power of renewable energies (considering wind, photovoltaic solar and thermoelectric solar energy) they jointly met the 57% of total power in 2016. The concentration is especially high in the segment of thermoelectric solar energy (73%) Y wind (70%), while, on the contrary, that of photovoltaic solar energy is the more atomized (13%).

california generates too much solar energy

The 3 auctions that have been carried out in the last year will contribute to modifying the competitive structure of the sector in the medium term, given that a good part of the allocated power has been acquired in large batches. In the first and second it was Forestalia, and in the last it was ACS.

These auctions will increase the degree of supply concentration. This trend will be especially relevant in the energy segment solar photovoltaic and wind

In terms of value, the income generated by the sale of wind and solar energy stood at 7.069 million euros in 2016, figure a 9,3% lower to that recorded in 2015. The business solar contributed to total billing 4.212 millones de euros (2.739 million in photovoltaic and 1.473 in thermoelectric), ahead of the segment wind, with 2.857 million.

Now let's talk about auctions commented previously, and its winners.

Third auction

ACS is the great winner of the renewables auction on this occasion. Through its subsidiary Cobra has taken more than half of what the Government auctioned,  specifically 1.550MW of photovoltaic solar power.

El grupo Forestalia has been awarded 316MW of photovoltaic energy also in the bid held by OMIE this Wednesday. In addition, Enel Green Power España, owned by Endesa, has managed to acquire 339MW.

All companies have managed to enter the bid with offers at the maximum discount that allowed the auction, which was 65% of the standard investment value of a photovoltaic plant. This discount is higher than in the May auction, when it was at 59%.

The group company chaired by the president of Madrid by Florentino Pérez, specialized in seComprehensive services of electricity, gas, communications and railways, thus becomes the winner ahead of XElio, with 455 MW; Endesa, through Enel Green Power, with 339 MW; the Forestalia Group, with 316 MW (in the previous one it took 1.200 of 3.000); Gas Natural Fenosa, 250 MW, like Solaria; Opde, 200 MW; Prodiel, 182 MW. Gestamp, which owns 20% of XElio (80% was sold to the KKR fund), has been awarded 24 MW. Alter has achieved 50 MW and Alten, 13 MW.

solar energy is reduced by pollution

In the wind field, the winner has been Alfamar capital Energya, with 720MW, ahead of Greenalia (Renova wind), with 133 MW, and Ibervento, with 172 MW, mainly.

The Canary Islands increase the amount of renewable energy

In total, they exceed 5.000 MW, an amount higher than that set in principle. This is due to the high demand and that they have been far exceeded. Actually, the initial auction is for 2.000 MW, expandable to 3.000. Although, the Government kept a confidential clause so that more megawatts from 3.000 could be admitted in case you bid at the maximum discount.

low solar energy price

The entry of the group company chaired by Florentino Pérez is a surprise similar to that of Forestalia, which was the largest winner of the last two auctions for the allocation of the remuneration scheme to new renewable energy facilities, with a total of 1.500 MW of wind power and 108,5 MW of electricity generation through biomass. In this way, Forestalia adds 1924,5 megawatts awarded between the last three auctions, and further consolidates its vision of reference in the new paradigm of renewable energy generation, in an efficient, open and competitive market.

At the May auction, behind Forestry Gas Natural Fenosa was located, with just over 600 MW; Enel Green Power Spain, with just over 500 MW; and Siemens Gamesa, with 206 MW. Norvento has taken 128 MW.

By surprise, Iberdrola, the leading Spanish company in wind energy, has left out of the cast. All the competing companies offered the maximum discount allowed, set at 63,43% of the price per megawatt.

After 3 years, renewable energies grow again

The final results of the auction will be delivered tomorrow by the Ministry of Energy to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) for validation. With these two auctions, ESpain will be within a few tenths of meeting the target set for 2020, which is to have a renewable production of 20%.


The Forestalia Group was born in Zaragoza in 2011, the result of a long business career previous in the promotion of renewable energies, especially in energy crops and wind energy since 1997.

It currently has energy crops in Spain, France and Italy; build the largest pellet mill and splinter of the country in Erla (Zaragoza); promotes biomass electricity generation plants in Aragon, the Valencian Community and Andalusia, and various wind farms, especially in Aragon.

biomass energy from the remains of forest elements

On January 14, 2016, the Forestalia Group was the largest winner of the auction of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for the allocation of the specific remuneration scheme to new facilities for the production of electricity from wind and biomass technology. In wind energy, the Forestalia Group was awarded 300 MW, of the 500 MW auctioned; and in biomass, it obtained 108,5 MW of biomass, out of the 200 MW auctioned.

The emergence of the Forestalia Group in the energy market will produce very positive effects: Forestalia is committed to an open, competitive, transparent market, high efficiency, lower costs and, ultimately, more benefits in prices for the consumer


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