Spain, a bad example in the renewable sector

Spain has to reduce pollution through electric vehicles

Before the renewable, a whole series of circumstances combined between the economy, demographic movements, climate change and technology, have launched a generalized transformation of the global energy system, where business opportunities, work or economic profitability are fully operational, creating a business entrenchment that a decade ago was unthinkable and also, supported and socially accepted based on one of the most recognized labels ... "Sustainability".

While on a global scale billions are invested in installing renewables for its more than palpable benefits, and we can see it in the following graph of the report Ren21"Renewables 2015 - GLOBAL STATUS REPORT" published last December.


Global investment, in  renewable energies and fuels in developed and developing countries between 2004-2014 it has grown significantly. We know that Spain It was ranked - 2014 - among the seven leading countries in renewable energy generation capacity in the world, thanks mainly to the wind sector:

Although in reality we have "Clueless", year 2012, 2013, 2014, in investments in the renewable sector. We still have the same installed capacity. It can be seen in the following graph of IRENA(International Renewable Energy Agency)


Possibly so far, none of our readers will be surprised by the data. We already knew that we are good producers of renewable energy and that, for different reasons; crisis, self-consumption laws and possibly other more "hidden" factors, in recent years we have not invested more, to say the least. But… What happens if, since we cannot generate more renewable energy, faced with the need for consumption, we pull the fossil cart?

Spain and renewables in 2015

This is where the latest report from Spanish Electric Network, the company listed on the IBEX35 published data on how we covered our electricity demand in Spain in 2015. Where two data stand out strongly compared to 2015: Unfortunately, we have consumed less renewables and much more coal and gas compared to 2014.

Although the report tells us ... "Renewable energies maintain a prominent role in electricity generation as a whole but fall by around five points compared to the previous year, conditioned by the variability of hydroelectric and wind energy production, which this year have registered decreases of 28,2% and 5,3% XNUMX% respectively. However, it should be noted that wind power has been the technology with the greatest contribution to the total production of electricity on the peninsula in the months of February and May "

What happens when CO2 emissions increase

Due to external factors, the weather, we have not been able to produce more energy in renewables, the dilemma comes that we have had to pull the consumption of fossil energy, which causes a increased CO2 emissions.

By having more CO2 emissions in 2015, we will have to pay more in carbon rights…. How much? An exact figure and with data on the table, We cannot credit it but an estimate:

  • According to Greenpeace Spain: 2015. We will have to pay more than 100 million additional euros in carbon rights for the 14 million tons of CO2 due to the massive entry of coal (+ 22%) and gas (+ 17%).
  • According to the Country: Between 2008 and 2012 spent more than 800 million to buy rights of CO2.

The value of carbon emissions can be consulted annually in the newspaper El Economista, and their price increases each year.

Regardless of whether we will pay more or less. The real problem of the matter, in our understanding, is that the millions of excess that we can pay for the increase in emissions of CO2 associated with electricity generation (Year 2015), they will be wasted, they have no return. All these millions could be invested in 2012, 2013 and 2014 to increase the generation of renewable energy.


So, If by 2015 we already had a dislike with the energy supply in terms of “clean” energies, we predict 2016 and 2017 in the same vein. Whether or not it is due to the radical changes in the climate that we are experiencing or due to the simple fact that society consumes more and more electricity.

Although this year a coherent energy policy is favored, which I doubt given the movements of the PP and Citizens, the possible results of a real energy production would not be in the short term. Since a new park or a new solar plant is not a project that runs from one day to the next

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