Spain could be supplied with only biomass energy until the end of the year

agricultural biomass

Renewable energies are making their way into international markets with increasingly better results. Biomass energy in Spain has taken a giant leap, when on November 21, 2017, European Bioenergy Day, our continent is able to satisfy all its energy demand from biomass.

On these renewable energy issues, we know very well that Spain is lagging behind. Here in Spain, the Bionenergy day was yesterday, December 3, and the Spanish Association of Energy Valorization of Biomass (Avebiom) affirmed that the residual biomass could be used even more and supply energy to Spain with renewables. Could Spain supply its demand only with biomass energy?

Efficient use of biomass

vineyard biomass

The amount of biomass energy used in Spain increases since agricultural biomass is a local energy resource that is available from continuously and throughout the year. The economic cost of this type of biomass is cheaper than that of biomass from forests. Therefore, it is necessary to increase information and awareness about the use of agricultural biomass to meet energy demand in Spain and reduce the use of fossil fuels that increase emissions and pollute more.

A great advantage of biomass over other renewable alternative energy sources is that it is easy to install and is economically viable, since it is capable of generating enough energy. One of the most successful sources of agricultural biomass given its production is that of the vine.

In the final project report LIFE ViñasxHeat The conclusion is summarized that it has been possible to promote the use of vineyard pruning as an energy resource in the Penedés region (Barcelona). Thanks to the use of this renewable energy source, it has been possible to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

If the management and use of agricultural biomass in Spain is well carried out, Bioenergy Day in Spain could be brought forward to November 25, as in France, being increasingly more than the European average, which was November 21 . This Bioenergy Day is the day on which, from this point on, Spain could only supply itself with biomass until the end of the year. The earlier this day is celebrated, it will mean that we have more potential to generate renewable energy from biomass.

Objective to bring forward the day of celebration

To bring forward the day of celebration, more stubble and pruning remains from agricultural areas are needed. Avebiom emphasizes that there is great potential for biomass power generation and that it is not being exploited. The sources from which even more energy could be extracted would be forest fires, olive and fruit pruning and vine shoots. By having these sources better exploited, the consumption of fossil fuels and their dependence could be reduced.

Being energy self-sufficient for 28 days means that you can be independent of non-renewable energy for almost a month, since this energy is renewable and typical of here in Spain, without depending on the import of oil or gas.

Dependence on raw materials from abroad

biomass for boilers

Spain does not have all the raw materials used for the consumption of energy from biomass from here on our land. That is, in the case of some raw materials, such as biofuels, They come from abroad and not from our lands. For example, the pellets used to generate electricity are imported from Portugal.

On the other hand, the materials used for the domestic biomass boilers, yes it is obtained mainly with own resources of our earth. Biomass is used in its highest percentage for residential heating and industries. To a lesser extent it is used as a biofuel and for electricity.

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