5 Reasons why a community should recycle

El recycling waste is the best system for the final disposal of materials and products considered trash. Items that can no longer be used for the purpose for which they were created or that have completed their life cycle should be recycled.

Solid urban waste is a concern for all cities and towns because they must manage tons of waste per day. 90% of the garbage that is generated in the domestic environment can be recycled.

There are 5 reasons why a community should encourage and develop recycling.

  1. The accumulation of waste in landfills is reduced, public health problems are avoided, the ccontamination water, air, land and environmental problems such as deforestation, among others.
  2. Significant profits can be made from the sale of products and materials after recycling. In addition to energy saving and natural resources in the production of new products.
  3. Recycling makes it more economically sustainable Management system waste and improves cleanliness in the community.
  4. The action of recycling requires all social groups to develop properly, thus strengthening the ties and belonging of people and companies as part of the community.
  5. This simple practice helps educate children on the importance of caring for the child. the environment and its influence on the quality of life.

La recycling industry it must be strengthened and grown as a relevant economic pillar in each community, not only to reduce the volume of waste but also as a means of creating new jobs and products from recycled elements, as well as generating profits at the local level.

It is important that all kinds of waste are recycled since the benefits are really many and extend over time. States, private companies, social organizations and the entire society win when it is recycled.

Personal and community commitment is essential for the Programs of recycling be long-term, successful and multiply. Glass being one of the best examples, since it is the most recycled product in the world.

Achieving that other products reach high levels of recycling takes time and a strong work of environmental awareness, but it can be achieved, we can all collaborate so that more is recycled and that the planet be cleaner and healthier.

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